Florida Medical Malpractice Complaints

The Florida Department of Health’s Division of Medical Quality Assurance (“MQA”)  is responsible for licensing and regulating 37 types of facilities/establishments and more than 40 health care professions under Florida law. The most recent available MQA Annual Report is for fiscal year 2009 – 2010 that covers the period from July 1, 2009 to June 30, 2010. It is available online and can be accessed by clicking here.

During fiscal year 09-10, MQA issued 16 more emergency orders than in the prior fiscal year, mainly due to an increase in emergency orders issued against pain management clinic-related practitioners (there were 921 pain management clinics licensed by Florida and there were 281 complaints made against pain management clinics in Florida during fiscal year 09-10). For fiscal year 09-10, nearly 30% of the cases submitted to the probable cause panels resulted in a finding of probable cause compared to 21.5% in the prior fiscal year.

There were 5,177 complaints received by MQA regarding doctors of which 1,822 were determined to be legally sufficient (that is, if true, would show a potential violation of Florida statutes or rules). Probable cause was found in 258 complaints against doctors (no probable cause was found in 1,566 complaints).

There were 8,069 open complaints, investigations and prosecutions being handled by MQA as of June 1, 2010, of which 589 (7% of the total) were Priority One allegations.

There were a total of 60,943 medical doctors licensed by Florida during fiscal year 09-10 (there were 2,853 medical doctors who applied to be licensed by Florida during fiscal year 09-10, with 2,634 licenses issued). There were 242,181 registered nurses licensed by Florida and an additional 173,007 certified nursing assistants licensed by Florida during the same period of time (18,762 registered nurses applied to be licensed by Florida with 15,490 licenses being issued; 21,837 certified nursing assistants applied to be licensed by Florida with 27,306 being issued licenses).

For fiscal year 09-10, 13 doctors had their medical licenses revoked, 42 voluntarily surrended their medical licenses, 37 had their medical licenses suspended, 8 were put on probation, 165 were fined, 34 were reprimanded, 236 were issued citations, and 55 of the disciplinary cases were dismissed.

There were 278 medical malpractice civil court claims against doctors received by MQA during fiscal year 09-10, with an additional 1,932 closed medical malpractice claims against doctors received by MQA. There were 79 complaints received against unlicensed doctors of which 46 were referred for investigation resulting in 10 cease and desist orders issued and 1 conviction.


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