Arizona Medical Malpractice Physician Complaints

The Arizona Medical Board (“Board”) is responsible to license and regulate physicians in Arizona in order to protect the public. The Board’s fiscal year 2009 – 2010 Annual Report stated that there were 20,820 physicians licensed by Arizona by the end of the fiscal year, with an increase of just over 500 physicians from the prior fiscal year (although fewer licenses were issued in the current fiscal year (1,275) than in the prior fiscal year (1,481)).

The Board issued 74 disciplinary actions and 20 interim orders that restricted a physician’s practice while an investigation was ongoing. Of the 74 disciplinary actions, 25 were probations, 23 were letters of reprimand, 13 were loss of licenses, 6 were practice restrictions, 2 were decrees of censure, 2 were license denials, and 2 were inactive with cause.

There were 320 investigations that remained open at the end of fiscal year 2009 – 2010 (there were 299 investigations that remained open at the end of the prior fiscal year). The Board was monitoring 99 physicians for physical, behavioral, and substance abuse issues during the fiscal year.

The Board’s fiscal year 2009 – 2010 Annual Report consisted of 12 pages, including the cover sheet, a one-page letter from the Board to the Governor of Arizona presenting the Board’s Annual Report, a one-page description of the Board’s accomplishments, a one-page description of the Board’s technology, and 5 pages setting forth the names and qualifications of the Board Members.

The Board’s two-page Annual Report for fiscal year 2010 – 2011 states that there were 21,388 physicians licensed by Arizona, of which 13,001 were practicing in Arizona. There were 1,397 licenses issued that year. The Board opened 981 complaints, with 321 remaining open at the end of the year. Disciplinary and non-disciplinary actions numbered 240 (165 were non-disciplinary and 75 were disciplinary, including 18 letters of reprimand, 17 interim practice restrictions, 15 probations, 8 practice restrictions, 8 loss of license, 5 summary actions, 2 license denials, 1 decree of censure, and 1 inactive with cause). The Board took 27 interim actions and 213 final actions. The physicians being monitored by the Board for physical, behavioral, and substance abuse issues numbered 105. The Board reported that 77% of all final disciplinary actions were resolved through voluntary consent agreements.

We appreciate the Board’s efforts in providing its Annual Reports but would hope for more detailed and useful information in future annual reports that would be more helpful to the citizens of Arizona in evaluating and determining the quality of physician care in the State of Arizona.

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