Filshie clips are silicone lined titanium devices surgically placed on women’s Fallopian tubes as a method of permanent contraception. Millions of women worldwide have had Filshie clips implanted as a method of permanent birth control.

Some women who were sterilized using Filshie clips have become pregnant, or suffered complications after their Filshie clips were implanted, which may be due to the improper application of the Filshie clips or the Filshie clips migrating from where they were attached.

Some women with Filshie clips have had ectopic pregnancies, and some women have suffered serious pain, substantial discomfort, heavy bleeding, or other serious symptoms that may be related to their Filshie clips.

If you have Filshie clips and you have become pregnant, or if one or both of your Filshie clips have migrated, or if you have suffered serious harm that you suspect may be related to your Filshie clips, contact us at or call us toll free in the United States at 800-295-3959, to discuss your possible Filshie clip claim.

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