messing2Our featured lawyer in Maryland is Jeff E. Messing, who has been representing victims of medical malpractice for over 30 years. Mr. Messing’s office is located in Baltimore; however, he represents clients in all locations and in all courts in Maryland. Mr. Messing focuses his practice on personal injury matters, including medical malpractice, nursing home claims, serious car accidents, and work-related injuries (workers’ compensation). Although most cases are resolved before trial, Mr. Messing aggressively represents his clients at trial, if trial is necessary. Mr. Messing believes strongly that his clients must be able to speak directly with him and that he personally handle all aspects of his clients’ claims without clients having to deal with a go-between, such as a secretary or assistant. Mr. Messing takes pride in working hard for his clients (for example, one of Mr. Messing’s proudest appellate wins was Belcher v. T. Rowe Price, 621 A.2d 872 (1993), which changed Maryland law in favor of workers’ compensation claimants: “In the light of the language of the [Maryland Workers’ Compensation] Act, the philosophy underlying it, and the purposes behind it, we believe that modern times call for the concept of “physical injury,” which we have adopted with respect to emotional distress in tort actions to apply to “personal injury” under the Act.”).

To contact Mr. Messing directly, you may email him at or call him at 410-576-8338.