September 4, 2019

A Wyoming nursing home that has the lowest rating (one star) under Medicare’s Nursing Home Compare rating system failed its July 2019 survey that stated, in part:

“Based on observation, interview, and record review, the facility failed to provide necessary incontinence supplies for 3 sampled residents (Resident #402, Resident #403, and Resident #3), reviewed for available and proper fitting supplies, resulting in discomfort from wearing briefs too small, poor skin coverage for incontinence episodes, and the feeling of dissatisfaction when correct supplies are not available.”

Resident #3 stated, “They quit buying the wipes they used on us. They used to use wet wipes when they cleaned us up and after having a bowel movement. Now they don’t have them. They also cut down on briefs because they said we were using too many of them. They kept taking them from my bag (of briefs) to use on other residents. They used them on her (Resident #3 pointed to her roommate) and two other residents. They are the briefs that they supply me with.”

The surveyors further stated:

“Based on observation, interview, and record review, the facility failed to maintain a clean, comfortable homelike environment for 2 sampled residents (Resident # 402 and Resident #404), resulting in dried food and liquids sticking to the residents rooms floors, dirt and dust accumulating under the residents beds, and tissues and papers accumulating on the floors.”

“Based on observation, interview, and record review, the facility failed to provide services that were necessary to avoid physical harm, pain, mental anguish and emotional distress for 3 residents (Resident #402, Resident #403, and Resident #408), investigated for abuse/neglect, resulting in Resident #402 & Resident #403 being left for hours in urine soaked briefs and Resident #408 sustaining a fall with multiple serious injuries.”

“During an interview on 07/10/19 at 11:25 A.M., R408 stated the following related to the fall sustained on 06/24/19 : “The aid was getting me cleaned up, I was laying on my right side too close to the edge, they know I hate that, it makes me nervous. The aid was doing something on my back side, I couldn’t see what, and I felt her push me and over I went.” R408 states that the aid was alone, there were not 2 staff persons present on this occasion. R408 stated that before she fell, “they only used one person to move me around in bed, since I fell, they use 2 now.” … Review of Emergency Room records and radiology reports from the local Hospital, dated 06/24/19, revealed R408 had sustained a subdural hematoma, nondisplaced fractures of the right tibia and fibula, and a moderate sized left anterior frontal scalp hematoma from her fall at the facility earlier that day.”

“Based on observation, interview, and record review, the facility failed to ensure call lights were within reach for 4 sampled residents (Resident # 400, Resident # 401, Resident # 404, and Resident #405), reviewed for accidents and hazards, resulting in the potential for unmet needs, falls, and feelings of isolation and loneliness … During an observation on 07/09/19 at 9:20 A.M., the call light used by R400 was located on the floor, under the room divider curtain, out of sight and out of reach of R400 … During an observation on 07/09/19 at 9:26 A.M., a call light for R401 could not be located … During an observation on 07/09/19 at 10:12 A.M., R404 was lying in bed resting with her eyes closed and the call light was located on the floor, behind the headboard, out of reach of the resident … During an bservation on 07/09/19 at 10:29 A.M., R405 was lying in bed, the call light was lying on the floor under the head of the bed.”

“Based on observation, interview, and record review, the facility failed to provide tube feed management according to professional standards for 2 residents (Resident #406 & Resident #407), sampled for tube feed management, resulting in the potential for infection, gastrointestinal complications, and aspiration.”


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