Wyoming Medical Malpractice Defense Verdict For Death Shortly After Discharge From Hospital

162017_132140396847214_292624_nOn August 19, 2016, a Wyoming medical malpractice jury returned its verdict in favor of all of the defendants after about two hours of deliberations, finding that the September 2011 death of a 16-year-old paralyzed boy within six  hours after being discharged from the defendant hospital was not due to medical negligence, and was not due to any negligence by his mother. The Wyoming medical malpractice trial had begun on August 9, 2016.

The boy had become paralyzed in November 2010 as a result of a catastrophic injury suffered during wrestling practice. As a result, he used a catheter.

The chronology leading up to his death started on a Friday night in September 2011 when his mother brought him to the emergency room because he was having trouble with his catheter. He was examined by a urologist that evening and was operated on the following morning. He was discharged from the hospital later that Saturday.

The Wyoming medical malpractice wrong death lawsuit that was filed in December 2013 alleged that while the boy was in his wheelchair waiting for the elevator as he was leaving the hospital, he experienced an incident during which he felt dizzy, was lightheaded, and complained that there were flashing lights in his vision. The boy’s mother tilted him back in his wheelchair and the symptoms appeared to ease. Nonetheless, the hospital nurse did not check his oxygen level before he left the hospital and he was discharged from the hospital that evening. Instead of driving straight home, the family ran errands for about six hours, with the boy riding along in the family’s van.

The family’s Wyoming wrongful death medical malpractice lawsuit alleged that the boy died from pulmonary edema that was caused by the narcotics he was given in the hospital that led to the build-up of fluid in his lungs and that the defendants’ failure to keep him under observation for a longer period of time after the elevator incident before discharge was the cause of his death. The defense argued that the defendants acted reasonably, that the boy was stable when he was discharged from the hospital, that it was reasonable to discharge the boy to home, and that the boy suffered a cardiac death, which is the leading cause of death among spinal cord injury patients, after sitting in one position in the family’s van for too long (the defense noted to the Wyoming medical malpractice jury that the boy had no problem with breathing while he was riding in the family’s van).


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