Connecticut Woman Sues Hospital For Malpractice After Amputations To All Four Limbs

Woman Sues Hospital After Amputations To All Four Limbs: A Connecticut woman has filed a Connecticut medical malpractice lawsuit alleging that medical negligence in treating her sepsis in the hospital resulted in her having all four of her limbs amputated.

The plaintiff alleges that she was in good health when she went to the hospital in April 2021 for a routine and elective diverticulitis surgery, after which she expected to return home in two days. Her Connecticut medical malpractice lawsuit alleges that she contracted sepsis in the hospital which led to a month-long hospitalization after which she was discharged “strapped to a stretcher, tethered to an oxygen tank, with black gangrene covering her feet and hands.”

The plaintiff alleges that she had signs of sepsis the day after her surgery that the hospital medical staff negligently failed to diagnose despite her vital signs and test results: she had low blood pressure, worsening confusion, and her kidney function was only 50% of her pre-surgery capacity.

The Connecticut medical malpractice lawsuit alleges that the hospital’s medical staff dismissed the symptoms of prolonged effects of anesthesia and failed to follow international sepsis care guidelines and the hospital’s own screening criteria. The woman was not admitted to the ICU until days later.

The plaintiff required amputation of both of her hands, amputation of her left leg below the knee, and amputation of her right foot at the metatarsals. She required more than ten months of inpatient rehabilitation as a result.

The plaintiff’s two adult daughters stated after the Connecticut medical malpractice lawsuit was filed, “There are no words to describe the devastation this has brought to our mother’s life. She lived independently, she loved to knit blankets for her grandchildren, she was excited to use a new Apple Watch she got as she kept active. She will never be able to finish the last three [blankets], and she no longer has a wrist to wear the Apple Watch. Even the simple joy of eating an ice cream cone is something she now needs help to do. It has destroyed her spirit, her pride and her sense of self. Our hope is that no other family has to go through this life altering pain due to a hospital’s negligence.”



Sepsis is defined as a life-threatening illness attributable to a dysregulated host immune response due to infection, with a reported incidence rate of 6% of all hospitalized adults in the United States, and its incidence is continuing to increase. Sepsis survivors have been reported to have a higher risk of cardiovascular events and all-cause mortality at 5 years post-discharge.

Intensive care physicians usually administer vasopressors for the treatment of septic shock, which is known to cause peripheral gangrene (PG). PG is a severe complication for sepsis survivors and several studies have reported treating PG with limb amputation.

From 2015 to 2016 in South Korea, 75,207 patients were registered for sepsis in the NHIS database, based on the ICD-10 codes. 81 patients had undergone surgical limb amputation at the finger or toe level, 42 at the upper arm, forearm, and lower leg level, 23 at the thigh level, and 17 at the hand or foot level. These 163 patients were not diagnosed with any trauma to the limbs, suggesting that all limb amputations were due to PG.


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