September 1, 2019

A West Virginia man who suffered a serious foot injury at work when a 1,000 pound pipe fell on his foot has filed a West Virginia medical malpractice lawsuit against an urgent care clinic, alleging that its physician failed to diagnose and treat his foot fracture, leading to delay in treatment injuries and the development of complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS).

The man was brought to the defendant urgent care facility in February 2017 from the job site. He alleges that the defendant’s physician examined him, took an x-ray that was read as showing no fractures, cleaned and closed the wound, and sent him home with instructions to take ibuprofen for pain and to keep his leg elevated. When the man returned to the defendant urgent care clinic as few days later, as instructed, he complained of pain, swelling, numbness, and drainage from the wound. The man’s West Virginia medical malpractice lawsuit alleges that another x-ray was taken during the follow-up visit, he was prescribed an antibiotic, and he was told to apply ice. He was given a note to provide to his employer for modified work duty for a period of five days.

When his foot continued to bother him, the man sought treatment from other physicians who advised him in April 2017 that he had undiagnosed and untreated fractures in his foot and that he had developed CRPS.

The plaintiff’s West Virginia medical malpractice lawsuit alleges that the defendant urgent care clinic was negligent in failing to order and obtain an MRI of his foot, and for allowing him to return to work on modified work duty status instead of instructing him to remain off of his foot.


The parent company of the defendant urgent care clinic states on its website: “Everyday injuries treated every day. Great care when you need it for cuts, breaks and more … we understand that illnesses and injuries can happen anytime. That’s why we’re open 8 to 8 every day. With no appointments needed, you can just walk in and our warm, welcoming medical team will get you back to feeling good … We understand that illnesses and injuries can happen at any time, and sometimes it can be difficult to know where to go when your family needs timely care. From emergency rooms to urgent care, understanding your healthcare options can help you make the most informed decision … For life-threatening conditions such as trauma or chest pains, you should always choose the ER. For everyday illnesses and injuries that require timely attention, there’s [us].” The website also represents that it is an appropriate provider for care and treatment of “Fractures and sprains.”


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