June 6, 2013

162017_132140396847214_292624_nOn May 2, 2013, six women filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against the same plastic surgeon, claiming that the plastic surgeon’s medical negligence caused each of them to suffer unnecessary injuries. The medical malpractice defendant has been a Board-certified plastic surgeon since November 2009. He received his Washington State medical license in January 2008 and remains in good standing with the Washington State Department of Health.

Each of the six women underwent plastic surgery performed by the same plastic surgeon in the same local hospital, which is also named as a medical malpractice defendant in the lawsuit. The medical malpractice lawsuit alleges that they each had cosmetic surgery that resulted in unexpected and unacceptable outcomes. Most of the women had to have additional corrective surgeries to address their bad outcomes and many of the women suffered postoperative complications.

One of the medical malpractice plaintiffs had surgery in July 2010 to remove excess skin and fat from her lower abdominal area and her hips after she had lost 100 pounds following gastric bypass surgery that she had in 2002. The woman’s medical malpractice claim alleges that the plastic surgery resulted in her having pockets of fat on her hips and also left a bulge in her pubis area that seriously affects her ability to engage in sexual intercourse. The cost to correct her conditions would be about $19,000.

Another of the medical malpractice plaintiffs had complications after a similar skin removal cosmetic procedure performed by the same plastic surgeon, and other plaintiffs had breast reduction procedures performed by the medical malpractice defendant with allegedly bad outcomes.


Medical malpractice claims involving plastic surgery procedures that result in less-than-acceptable outcomes, unanticipated complications, or unexplained complications during or after the procedures are common claims made against plastic surgeons. Sometimes the unhappiness of the patient after undergoing an elective plastic surgery procedure has as its root the unattainable expectations of the patient, which would not be medical malpractice in and of itself.

However, if the plastic surgeon failed to obtain proper informed consent for the procedure because the plastic surgeon failed to adequately explain the procedure to the patient, failed to fully discuss the risks of the procedure, failed to note the possible complications that may arise during or after the procedure, or failed to discuss the range of results that may be expected so that the patient has a reasonable understanding of the procedure and what the patient may experience as a result of the procedure, the plastic surgeon may be held responsible for failing to obtain the patient’s informed consent for the procedure.

Another possible source of plastic surgery malpractice may be the manner in which the plastic surgeon selected and/or performed the procedure. There may be more than one procedure or surgical technique that will properly address the patient’s condition and if the plastic surgeon selects the wrong procedure, or performs the procedure in a negligent fashion, the plastic surgeon may be held responsible for the injuries and the harms sustained by the patient as a result of the plastic surgeon’s negligence.

If you or a loved one were injured or suffered other harms as a result of a plastic surgeon’s medical malpractice, you should promptly seek the advice of a local medical malpractice attorney in your state who may be willing to investigate your possible plastic surgery medical malpractice claim for you and file a medical malpractice claim against your plastic surgeon on your behalf, if appropriate.

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