Virginia Dentist Pulled Too Many Teeth

A Maryland man in his mid-60s went to a Virginia dentist instead of a Maryland dentist because the Virginia dentist was closer to his girlfriend’s home and the Virginia dentist was also a member of the same church as his girlfriend. So when the man needed to replace a dental crown in 2010, he called the dentist’s office and made an appointment. During the appointment, the dentist advised the man that he needed to have a root canal plus eight teeth extracted (he was already missing at least two teeth).

Following the extraction of the man’s eight teeth, the Virginia dentist was unable to fit the man with dentures. The man went to two other dentists to have dentures made that would properly fit him but they were unable to help him. Finally, in February, 2012, the man was able to have properly fitted dentures made for him. He has since filed a dental malpractice lawsuit against the Virginia dentist and her dental practice, alleging that the dentist committed dental malpractice by extracting the eight teeth that allegedly did not need to be extracted (the dental malpractice lawsuit claims that another dentist looked at the teeth that had been pulled and determined that they did not need to be pulled).

The dentist’s attorney responded that the dentist is unable to publicly discuss the man’s dental care or his dental malpractice lawsuit because the man has not signed a release allowing her to discuss the matters. The dentist’s lawyer further implied that the dentist has a different view of her dental treatment of the man and the claims that he has made against her. According to online court records, in July, 2011, the Virginia dentist had obtained a default judgment against the man in the amount of $528.22, which remains unpaid.


Dental malpractice cases are few and far between. Most dentists are competent dental practitioners and provide dental care in accordance with dental standards of care. However, when a dentist provides dental care that falls short of the standard of dental care or fails to provide dental care that the standard of care requires, then the dentist may be held responsible for injuries, damages, and losses suffered by the victim of dental malpractice.

The unnecessary loss of teeth can have a very detrimental effect on the dental health and the overall health of the patient. Because missing teeth can cause difficulty with chewing, the patient with missing teeth may not receive the proper nutrition. The structural changes caused by missing teeth may also result in physical changes that affect the patient’s health and appearance.

If you or a loved one may have been the victim of dental malpractice in the United States, you may wish to consult with a medical malpractice attorney regarding your potential dental malpractice claim and your legal rights.

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