Utah Medical Malpractice Verdict For Litttle Girl Who Cannot Walk Or Talk

Back in 2000, a Utah medical malpractice jury awarded substantial damages in the largest medical malpractice verdict in Utah to date  after a 10-day trial and three and a half hours of deliberations. The jury awarded a then 8-year-old girl $9.7 million in compensation ($4,711,100 for past and future medical expenses and other expenses plus $5 million for the girl’s life-long pain and suffering) for the severe cerebral palsy allegedly caused by medical malpractice that prevents her from speaking or walking (she is a quadriplegic and receives her nourishment through a tube placed in her stomach).

Her medical malpractice attorneys alleged in the medical malpractice case that the prenatal care given to her mother failed to timely diagnose during the days before delivery that the amniotic fluid was too low and allowed the fetus to rest on the umbilical cord, thereby depriving the baby’s brain of necessary oxygen that resulted in the baby’s cerebral palsy.

The girl’s medical malpractice attorneys had an uphill battle partly due to the alleged failure of the medical malpractice defendants to provide until the last moment critical evidence such as a videotape and many still pictures from an ultrasound.

Teachers say Deserae Williams is a little girl who loves to play trapped in a body that won’t. She thinks and feels, but will never produce words. The teachers stopped having the class sing “If you’re happy and you know it” and “I like being me,” because while the rest of the children clapped hands, Deserae, a second-grader, quietly teared up.


Pregnancy is a time of great joy and concern for the parents-to-be. The anticipation of a new arrival for the family is tempered with thoughts about the health of the developing baby. The expecting mother takes great effort to eat healthy and to avoid unhealthy choices. However, despite the best intentions of the expecting parents, things can and sometimes do go wrong during labor and delivery.

When the expected outcome of a routine pregnancy is due to medical malpractice, the advice and assistance of a medical malpractice attorney is essential. We can help connect you with medical malpractice lawyers in your local area who may be able to investigate what happened and bring a medical malpractice claim on your behalf if one or more medical care providers were careless or the medical care they provided (or failed to provide) was otherwise negligent. Don’t let the results of medical malpractice go uncompensated: the negligent medical providers are responsible for their failure to provide that degree of medical care that was required under the circumstances.

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