Unmasked OB Spreads Devastating Infection To Mother During Baby’s Delivery

A medical malpractice claim has been filed against a Tel Aviv, Israel OB for allegedly spreading his group A Streptococcus (“Strep A”) infection to the patient whose baby he was delivering because he failed to wear a mask during the delivery. The 39-year-old woman was delivered by vacuum extraction on December 6, 2015.

The medical malpractice claim alleges that the OB failed to wear a mask despite being tested for Strep A because he had a sore throat. The claim reportedly states, “By his prolonged and continued insistence not to wear a mask, an act that is not only required, but cheap, simple and efficient, he exhibited the greatest degree of irresponsibility. He knew that under those conditions there is a greater chance that he could be the source of infection for the first woman [of three].”

The claim reportedly further states, “It’s not at all surprising that she got infected, especially considering the four women who gave birth at Sheba {Medical Center] and had to get their uters’ removed. Also, they knew that the contagion was spreading around the hospital. The doctor had been treating other women with an infection all along.”

The woman complained of severe abdominal pain over the course of four days following delivery but the hospital staff allegedly assured her that she would be going home shortly, despite the hospital allegedly knowing that it was experiencing the spread of Strep A. She returned to the hospital’s maternity ward after her discharge because she was still experiencing severe abdominal pain. She was not seen by a doctor at that time but did receive emergency care when her condition worsened. She was brought back into surgery during which it was discovered that her uterus was infected. Her uterus had to be removed and she suffered permanent disability as a result of her infection.

Four women reportedly acquired the same infection during their treatment at the same hospital, as confirmed by testing that matched their infections. At the time of the woman’s delivery, the hospital had already received notice regarding the claim of another woman who had to have her uterus removed at another hospital who had previously given birth at the same hospital as the woman.

An internal report from the hospital reportedly stated that the woman’s event was “an exceptionally unusual event” and that her claim was the first time a claim had been filed against a doctor for infecting a patient specifically by not following proper hygiene protocol.


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