November 20, 2019

An article appearing in Time magazine in its November 25, 2019 print addition reports, “Globally, medical errors harm as many as 40% of patients in primary and outpatient care.”

The Time article states the global annual cost of medication-related errors is $42 billion, and that one million patients, globally, die every year from surgical complications.

Since the 1999 Institute of Medicine’s report entitled “To Err Is Human” reported that up to 98,000 Americans were dying from medical errors annually, the Time article criticizes the efforts made to address the medical malpractice crisis in the United States that focused on “patient safety [that] was taken over by clinician managers and other health care administrators whose interests would hardly have been served by a thorough, pardigm-shifting investigation of the crisis that would have rattled the status quo … clinician leaders and hospital administrators need to realize that health care, including its patient-safety component, is too big and too complex to be steered only by medical professionals … Experts from outside medicine should be welcomed to any serious discussion of how to improve patient safety, and their insights heeded.”

The author cites the example of the input of engineers in advancing anesthesia safety in concluding, “With bolder and more comprehensive goals, and by embracing experts from outside the medical profession, the health care industry could make patient safety the great social movement it deserves to be.”

The author of the Time article, a professor of business and medicine at Johns Hopkins University, states, “It’s far easier, after all, for the industry to fault individual workers on the front lines of medical care than to scrutinize inherent organization and system flaws or to finger highly paid specialist doctors. This focus on who did wrong and how they did wrong is misplaced. It should be on what’s going right and what lessons can be learned from successes.”

“When a mistake occurs and threatens the unrealistic “getting to zero” goal of many health care managers, then it becomes an event that demands a reaction. And the reaction generally is to assign blame to people further down the organizational ladder … This is how health care organizations and the industry as a whole avoid dealing with the troubling task of identifying root causes of the patient-safety problem.”

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