Texas Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Alleges Physician Ignored Patient’s Sulfa Allergy, Leading To Stevens-Johnson Syndrome

On October 26, 2021, a Texas medial malpractice lawsuit was filed in the District Court of Harris County, Texas against the plaintiff’s treating physician, alleging that the defendant “decided to ignore prior notices and warnings pertaining to Plaintiff’s severe allergy to sulfa and instead falsely reported that Plaintiff had NKDA (or no known drug allergies). He then proceeded to prescribe Plaintiff the sulfa-based medication called Bactrim even though there were alternative options to which Plaintiff was not allergic that would have accomplished the same intended function.”

“After receiving this prescription for Bactrim, Plaintiff and his family members, again, brought their concerns about Plaintiff’s sulfa allergy to the Defendants’ attention. However, Defendants brushed off these concerns as unwarranted or overreactions. When they persisted, [defendant] dismissively instructed Plaintiff to simply take a Benadryl an hour before taking the Bactrim.”

“On or about August 15, 2021, after getting his prescription filled, Plaintiff complied with [defendant’s] instructions and took Benadryl an hour before taking the Bactrim. Soon thereafter, Plaintiff started experiencing a severe allergic reaction causing burns all over his body including in and around his genitalia and the inside of his mouth. His injuries were so overwhelming that the first emergency room he was rushed to turned him away because they did not have a burn unit. He was eventually taken to Memorial Herman Hospital where he was treated by a team of specialists who diagnosed him with Stevens-Johnson Syndrome as a reaction to the Bactrim prescribed by the Defendants.”

“In addition to the unimaginable physical, mental and emotional suffering he already endured, Plaintiff continues to experience devastating effects from the allergic reaction and the resulting burns including, but not limited to, suffering agonizing pain every time he needs to relieve himself, all of his teeth breaking off (not falling out) due to his gums being  burned, and his body being so severely damaged internally that Plaintiff can no longer undergo the corrective procedure (for which he was being treated by the Defendants) that would have given him the ability to control his bladder movements and allowed him to live with dignity and self-respect. However, Plaintiff now must choose between wearing humiliating diapers for the remainder of his life or having tubes (which cause excruciating pain with every slight movement) inserted into his body connecting his bladder to external bags for the remainder of his life. Aside from the inconceivable pain and distress he has been forced to experience, Plaintiff’s devastating injuries have ripped away any semblance of enjoyment in life and self-worth.”

2021-70469/Court: 215

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