January 20, 2013

162017_132140396847214_292624_nA Nashville, Tennessee nursing home was cited for various violations of state and federal regulations that allegedly placed residents in immediate jeopardy of harm. One of the fines was in the amount of $231,972 that was imposed on May 12, 2012 after the January 19, 2012 death of a nursing home resident whose condition had seriously deteriorated while in the nursing home but the nursing home failed to advise the resident’s physician who later stated that he would have transferred his patient out of the nursing home and into the hospital had he been advised regarding his patient’s behaviors and deteriorating condition in the nursing home.

The 228-page inspection report also noted the verbal abuse of two nursing home residents that placed them in immediate jeopardy (the residents were incontinent and the nursing home staff was charged with verbally abusing them), the nursing home’s failure to investigate and report alleged abuse, the nursing home’s failure to develop patient care plans, and its failure to treat a pressure sore that caused actual harm to a resident. The report also cited the nursing home for failing to deliver mail to residents on the weekend and violating patients’ privacy by failing to close privacy curtains when providing care and treatment, which affected the dignity of residents.

The nursing home was also cited on December 16, 2012 and fined $8,000 for various violations, including failing to properly medicate residents who were using feeding tubes, failing to perform medical tests ordered by residents’ physicians, failing to document the results of medical tests, failing to develop care plans for residents, failing to update residents’ care plans, and violating the privacy rights of residents.

The $231,972 fine reportedly has been paid but the $8,000 fine remains unpaid. The nursing home has responded by stating that all of the cited deficiencies have been corrected, the nursing home’s management has been replaced, and that it has spent $250,00 in renovations at the nursing home in order to “restore[ ] our high standards for quality care” at the nursing home. The nursing home filed a required corrective action plan stating that it has initiated in-service training for its staff regarding the requirement to report deteriorating health conditions to physicians and family members and that its staff members who allegedly verbally abused residents were fired and its other staff was provided in-service training on the prevention and reporting of alleged abuse.


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