Pennsylvania Lawsuit Alleges Hospital Employee Sexually Assaulted 85-Year-Old Patient

162017_132140396847214_292624_nOn August 17, 2015, a lawsuit was filed in Pennsylvania against a Pittsburgh hospital alleging that a hospital employee sexually assaulted an 85-year-old female patient in her hospital room on July 3, 2015. According to reports, the woman was the fourth of seven female patients in the defendant hospital who had been sexually assaulted by the 32-year-old male patient sitter employed by the defendant hospital.

The patient sitter was charged on July 29, 2015 with four felony counts of aggravated indecent assault and five counts of indecent assault, according to reports. He is alleged to have inappropriately touched seven female patients at the defendant hospital between June 28, 2015 and July 5, 2015. He was released from custody on August 1, 2015, after posting a $10,000 bond, pending a preliminary hearing.

The plaintiff alleges that the patient sitter, whom she did not know, entered her hospital room at 6 a.m. on July 3 (the day after she was admitted to the defendant hospital), pulled down her hospital bed covers, raised her hospital gown, and then touched her genitals, asking the plaintiff if she was “clean down there.” According to reports, the patient sitter had touched the genitals of seven other female patients, sometimes asking them if they had wet their bed, and on other occasions he allegedly touched their chests after sometimes stating that he had to adjust their heart monitor leads.

The defendant hospital terminated the patient sitter’s employment after the allegations of sexual abuse became known. The plaintiff alleges that the defendant hospital failed to protect the plaintiff from the sexual assault. The plaintiff and her husband seek compensatory damages for their suffering and mental anguish.

Adding Insult To Injury

The plaintiff alleges in her hospital sexual assault lawsuit that when she immediately reported the sexual assault to the defendant hospital’s staff, a supervisor asked her, “Are you sure this wasn’t a dream?” and a nurse’s aide told the plaintiff that the patient sitter was probably just checking her catheter (the plaintiff did not have a catheter). A nurse employed by the defendant hospital even insisted that she was outside of the plaintiff’s hospital room at the time of the alleged assault and that no one had entered the plaintiff’s room.

The plaintiff’s sexual assault lawsuit alleges that several of the defendant hospital’s employees failed to recognize or chose to ignore the gravity of the sexual assault and its effect on the plaintiff.


The defendant hospital system, which is the largest non-governmental employer in Pennsylvania with more than 60,000 employees, states on its website, “nothing is more important than making sure our patients get the right care at the right time in the right way.”


If you or a loved one were sexually assaulted while receiving care in a hospital in Pennsylvania or in another U.S. state, you should promptly find a medical malpractice lawyer in Pennsylvania or in your state who may investigate your sexual assault claim for you and represent you in a claim against the hospital where the sexual assault took place, if appropriate.

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