PA Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Alleges ER Responsible For 15-Year-Old’s Death

162017_132140396847214_292624_nA Pennsylvania wrongful death medical malpractice lawsuit scheduled for trial in January 2016 alleges that the defendant hospital, its emergency room physician, and others were medically negligent in discharging a 15-year-old patient from the emergency room before properly treating him and diagnosing his heart condition.

Less than three hours after he was discharged from the hospital, his father found him unresponsive in his bedroom and he later died. An autopsy determined that the young man died as a result of acute exacerbation of bronchial asthma with cardiomegaly as a contributing factor.

The young man was participating in a summer basketball league on August 2, 2011 when he started to feel dizzy during practice. He was brought to the defendant hospital’s emergency room by his parents, where the defendant emergency room physician diagnosed him with asthma, treated him with oxygen, and prescribed oral prednisone, with follow up with his primary care physician after discharge.

The parents’ wrongful death medical malpractice lawsuit alleges that their son’s symptoms were consistent with early warning of an impending heart attack, including his request for a wheelchair when he was discharged from the emergency room because he was too weak to walk on his own. They allege in their Pennsylvania medical malpractice lawsuit that the defendant emergency room physician was negligent by failing to order an ultrasound of their son’s heart, which they allege would have disclosed his enlarged heart (they further allege that the EKG ordered by the defendant emergency room physician was not sufficient).

The parents’ wrongful death medical malpractice lawsuit contends that the defendants negligently failed to order the proper medical tests, improperly delayed surgical intervention for their son’s enlarged heart, failed to warn the parents and the young man regarding his life-threatening condition, failed to properly and timely diagnose the young man’s medical condition, and failed to maintain complete and accurate medical records regarding the August 2, 2011 emergency room visit.

The parents’ claims of negligence against the defendant hospital include its failure to properly and adequately supervise the defendant emergency room physician, its failure to ensure that the emergency room physician had adequate and proper emergency medicine training, its failure to maintain and enforce policies to ensure that their son was not improperly discharged from the emergency room, and its failure to provide a safe hospital facility and to select and retain only competent physicians.

The parents’ wrongful death medical malpractice lawsuit seeks compensatory damages for economic damages, including funeral and burial expenses, emergency room and hospital expenses, and other monetary damages.

The named medical malpractice defendants deny that they did anything improper and further allege that the care provided to the 15-year-old met, and exceeded, the required standard of care. They further allege that they did not cause or contribute to the young man’s death.


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