Oregon Nursing Home Resident Left On Toilet 45 Minutes, Fractures Pelvis

162017_132140396847214_292624_nAn Oregon man, who was seriously injured on his first day in an Oregon nursing home due to the alleged lack of care and assistance, has filed a $4 million nursing home negligence lawsuit against the Oregon nursing home to be compensated for his medical expenses, pain and suffering, and loss of mobility and dignity due to the nursing home’s neglect.

The man had undergone surgery on his back (lumbar fusion) on January 30, 2013 and had checked himself into the nursing home at the time he was discharged from the hospital so that he could receive necessary help with his activities of daily living and rehabilitative services (he was instructed by his surgeon to not walk while he was recuperating). The man’s nursing home negligence lawsuit alleges that on the day he was admitted to the defendant nursing home, he was left in his bed for more than three hours, while in extreme pain, without being given his pain medication and without being provided assistance to use the bathroom, despite repeatedly pushing the button by his bedside that he was told to use to request help from the nursing home staff.

Because he was not provided with a bed pan and he did not want to suffer the indignity of soiling himself in bed, he painfully made his way to his bathroom, where he sat on the toilet for 45 minutes as he repeatedly sought assistance to make it back to his bed. He ended up fracturing his pelvis when he tried to help himself, after which he waited another five to ten minutes for the nursing home staff to help him.

The man was transported to the emergency room for treatment of his pelvic fracture. He was later transported to another nursing home owned by the same defendant for-profit nursing homes owner, where he alleges he suffered for 17 days without being given his pain medication. The man’s lawsuit alleges that the defendant was grossly negligent, citing its awareness of widespread care deficiencies at its nursing homes but its failure to correct the problems.

The man, who is over 65, alleges that he now spends about 80% of his time in bed due to the injuries he suffered as a result of the defendant’s wrongdoing, and that he would have been able to walk following his lumbar fusion surgery had he not been the victim of nursing home neglect.


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