Oregon Medical Malpractice Claim Against Kaiser Doctor

During the summer 0f 2009, an Oregon man was having problems with his right wrist and therefore sought a medical opinion and medical care from a doctor employed by Kaiser Permanente. According to the medical malpractice case filed on his behalf on July 16, 2012 in the Oregon Circuit Courts for Marion County, the Kaiser Permanente doctor examined the man’s wrist and advised the man that he needed to have surgery to put in a titanium plate and to fuse the wrist. The doctor allegedly assured the man that the surgery would result in better functioning  of his wrist.

The man had the surgery done at an Oregon Kaiser Permanente hospital on May 27, 2010. The medical malpractice lawsuit alleges that the man returned to the doctor one week after his surgery, complaining of wrist pain. The doctor injected him with some unknown substance that caused additional pain, which eventually subsided.

The man experienced swelling in his wrist on August 22, 2010, for which he used ice in an attempt to treat the swelling. The next day, the man’s wrist continued to swell, became bright red in color, and was hot to the touch. The man attempted to call his doctor but his call was routed to a call center, where a woman who answered his phone call told him that a nurse would call him back. After waiting two hours for a call from the nurse, the man attempted once again to call his doctor but his call was again routed to the same call center where the same woman answered his call and rudely told him, “you are going to to have to be patient, you are not the only patient that we have and there is only one of me and one of the nurse.”

A nurse finally called him back later that day and, despite the man’s serious symptoms, told him to continue to use ice but that the doctor would not see him until four days later. Since the man’s pain and discomfort were so intense, he went to his doctor’s office without an appointment the following day, hoping to be seen by the doctor. Another doctor ultimately examined the man’s wrist and determined that it was infected. He was prescribed antibiotics and told to see his own doctor three days later.

Two days later, the man’s wrist tripled in size and was extremely painful. He tried to schedule an appointment with his doctor that day but was told he would have to wait until the next day.

The next day, the man’s wrist burst open because it was so swollen and it oozed fluid. He was finally seen that day by his doctor, who sent him to emergency surgery the same day due to the extent of his infection and the seriousness of his condition. Two blood clots were found during the emergency surgery. A PIC line was surgically inserted two days later so that antibiotics could be administered directly into his blood stream. The titanium plate had to be surgically removed on November 12, 2010.

The man’s medical malpractice lawsuit claims that he lost his job and had to make significant changes in his daily life due to the failure of the medical malpractice defendants to properly and timely treat his medical conditions.

Source: Jerry Powell v. Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of the Northwest dba Kaiser Permanente, et al., Case No.: 12C18769.

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