June 12, 2013

162017_132140396847214_292624_nIn 2006, a New York man, while living in Oklahoma, went to a well-respected cosmetic surgeon following his divorce in 2006 for rhinoplasty (a “nose job”) even though he had no problems with breathing at that time and no medical need for surgery on his nose. After the first surgery, he returned for further surgery because he was having problems breathing while exercising and while sleeping. Since then, he has had a total of 22 surgeries on his nose and part of his nose has been surgically removed; now, he uses a straw in his nose to breathe.

During his last surgery, the cosmetic surgeon, who was the former president of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery in 2011, allegedly removed part of the man’s nose while the man was unconscious, telling the man after he woke up that he made the decision to remove a part of his nose due to infection. The man further claims that the surgeon removed cartilage from his ears and rib cage without his consent.

After the most recent surgery, the surgeon allegedly sent a letter to the man stating that he would no longer treat the man because he was “medically unstable” and the man repeatedly threatened his staff and the surgeon himself.

The man has filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against his former surgeon in which he claims that the surgeon prescribed powerful medications, including Loratab, Ambien, Valium and Oxycodone, and performed so many injections that the man has sustained liver damage. The medical malpractice lawsuit further alleges that the surgeon recorded the man without his consent. The man will need to have a total of 30 surgeries before his nose may appear more normal.


The cosmetic surgeon’s website states, “Since beginning his private practice in 1998, he has become a leader in the field of cosmetic surgery, culminating in the AACS Presidential appointment. He is board certified by two surgical boards which  include the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, for body, breast and  facial surgery, as well as the Board of Oral & Maxillofacial  Surgery … Over the last decade he has performed over 10,000 cosmetic surgery  procedures, and has a special interest in body contouring after massive weight loss that occurs following bariatric surgery. He has also become well known for his expertise in difficult facial aging cases requiring multiple procedures to be performed at once … [he] has also performed over 3,000 breast augmentation procedures and has developed a particular interest in simultaneous breast lifting and augmentation, and has lectured extensively across the  country on this subject.”


Perhaps we just missed it, but we did not read where the surgeon refers to his expertise in nose surgery on the Home page of his website.

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