Nursing Home Negligence: Resident Falls And Then Placed Back In Bed Without Proper Medical Care

162017_132140396847214_292624_nIt is too often that we are contacted by the family of a nursing home resident who was seriously injured after falling out of bed or from a wheelchair while in the nursing home, only to be placed back in bed or placed back in a wheelchair, without receiving proper medical evaluation and medical care.

The result of improper care after a resident’s fall in a nursing home is unnecessary pain and suffering for days or week, and many times results in further debilitation, decline, and ultimately death.

The following scenario is common: a nursing home resident, who is a known fall risk, rolls out of bed and falls to the floor or falls from a standing position after a nursing home employee lowered the bed rails and assisted the weakened resident to the edge of the bed or to a standing position during the process of changing the resident’s clothing or changing the resident’s bed sheets.

The nursing home employee’s negligence was then compounded when the CNA or GNA, often assisted by another nursing home employee, simply lifted the resident from the floor and put the resident back in bed, in a chair, or in a wheelchair, without performing or obtaining a proper evaluation for injuries before moving the resident and without seeking appropriate medical treatment for undiagnosed injuries, such as broken bones or a serious head injury.

Some of these nursing home fall victims lay in bed for hours or days, in excruciating pain because their fractured limbs, broken ribs, or serious head injury were not diagnosed or were ignored, sometimes because the victims could not communicate their pain and suffering and at other times because the nursing home turned a blind eye and deaf ear to the resident’s distress.

Days after the resident’s fall, an x-ray may be ordered that finally shows the resident’s fractured hip or a CT scan shows the resident’s bleeding in the brain. It is only then that the resident’s family may be called and told that the resident has been sent to the hospital – the nursing home may fail to tell the family that days earlier, their family member “suffered a fall” and had been confined to bed ever since.

Does this sound like fantasy or fiction? How could a nursing home be so uncaring, callous or abusive to someone who must rely totally on its staff for promised around-the-clock care? Well, ask the Florida family that recently experienced such a tragedy involving their elderly relative.

The Florida Nursing Home Claim

Late last year, the family of an elderly Florida woman who was a resident of a Jacksonville, Florida nursing home sent a letter to the owner of the nursing home, advising it of their intention to sue for the death of their loved one who had fallen from her bed while a CNA was changing her bed sheets after lowering her bed rails (the CNA allegedly lowered the bed rails, placed the resident on her side, then left the resident’s room to obtain clean bed linens, and when the CNA returned to the resident’s room, the resident was found on the floor, lying in a pool of blood).

According to the family’s nursing home claim, the nursing home simply cleaned the blood from the unconscious resident and placed her back in bed, despite observing a large bleeding hematoma over the resident’s right eye and serious bruising on her head and shoulders. The family was not called for three hours after the resident fell; when the resident’s daughter arrived about fifteen minutes after receiving the telephone call from the nursing home advising her of her mother’s fall, she was told that 911 had not been called, according to the family’s complaint.

After an ambulance was called and the resident transported to the hospital, she was diagnosed with a fractured hip that required surgery. She died one month later while in hospice care.

The family alleges that had the nursing home resident been provided timely and appropriate care after her fall, she would have survived her injuries. The family also claims that the nursing home is attempting to cover-up the incident – the tape from a security video camera at the nursing home that shows people entering and exiting the resident’s room at the time of and shortly after the fall allegedly has been destroyed by the nursing home.


If you or a loved one suffered injuries (or worse) while a resident of a nursing home in the United States due to nursing home neglect, nursing home negligence, nursing home abuse, or a nursing home fall, you should promptly contact a local nursing home claim lawyer in your U.S. state who may investigate your possible nursing home claim for you and file a nursing home claim on your behalf, if appropriate.

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