North Carolina Nursing Home Cited For As Many As 100 Maggots Infesting Dementia Patient’s Wound

The Department of Health and Human Services Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Statement of Deficiencies dated September 20, 2021 for University Place Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Charlotte, North Carolina stated: “Nurse Aide #1 … revealed [that] on 8/29/21, she repositioned Resident #1 and observed maggots that fell out of her right heel wound dressing onto the bed. She reported the maggots to Nurse #1. Nurse #1 checked on Resident #1 then got Nurse #2 to look at the maggots with him.” Two nurses “confirmed there were approximately 50-100 maggots in the wound.” The Treatment Nurse removed the approximately 50-100 maggots with tweezers and applied a clean dry dressing.

The nursing home resident had been admitted to the facility on 1/19/20 with diagnoses including non-Alzheimer’s dementia. The quarterly Minimum Data Set (MDS) assessment dated 7/1/21 revealed Resident #1 was severely cognitively impaired and required total assistance with all activities of daily living. The MDS also indicated she had pressure ulcers on the sacrum, left heel and right heel which required scheduled treatments.

Resident #1’s right heel wound had been treated three times a week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday cleaning with normal saline, applying Medi-honey (a gel to treat chronic wounds) and covered with a dry dressing. The last treatment was completed on 8/27/21.

The Statement of Deficiencies stated, “Based on observations, record reviews, and staff, resident, pest control technician and physician interviews, the facility failed to implement an effective pest control program to control the presence of flies in the room of 1 of 3 sampled residents (Resident #1). Resident #1 had live maggots develop in her right heel wound.” “[T]he facility had pest control treatments monthly, which included treatments for flies. The last two scheduled service calls occurred on 7/2/21 and 8/11/21. Recommendations were made during the 7/2/21 pest control service including unblocking the drain in the kitchen floor and removing debris from under the dishwasher in the kitchen … -9/2/21 100% window screens audited, ordered approximately 42 screens for windows that had none.”

Resident #1 was transferred to the hospital on 8/30/21 at the request of the POA and did not return to the facility.

The Statement of Deficiencies and Plan of Correction ended with the following statement: “Compliance was achieved on 9/6/21 when all the staff were educated regarding reporting flies and pests in the facility, to keep the back door closed at all times, and the air curtains and window screens were ordered.”


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