November 10, 2019

On July 26, 2019, the North Carolina Division of Health Service Regulation cited a North Carolina assisted living facility (adult care home) stating: “Based on observations, interviews and record reviews, the facility failed to assure 3 of 6 sampled residents (Residents #8, #9 and #10) in the Special Care Unit (SCU) were free of physical abuse and neglect by three staff (Staff A, Staff B, and Staff C) encouraging the residents to fight each other, resulting in one resident being
strangled with her face turning red (Resident #8) while staff recorded and shared the video through social media; a staff (Staff A) pushed a resident into a room, turned off the light and yelled to the resident to go to sleep, and then closed the door leaving the resident in the dark room (Resident #8); and a resident being left on the floor while staff recorded a second video and shared the video through social media (Resident #10).”

The findings included: “Review of Video #1 on 07/26/19 at 2:43pm revealed:

-The video involved three staff and two residents in the SCU.
-The incident appeared to have occurred in a resident’s room because a bed and part of a bedside table were observed in the video.
-The camera showed two staff [Staff A (Personal Care Aide/PCA) and Staff B (PCA)] observed in the room while two residents were engaged in a physical altercation.
-The third staff’s [Staff C (PCA)] voice could be heard, but her face was not seen.
-There were two residents in the video, identified as Resident #8 and Resident #9.
-Review of the video revealed the residents were involved in an altercation.
-The residents were standing in front of the side of a bed.
-Resident #9 started hitting and kicking at Resident #8 while they were standing.
-Resident #9 put her left arm around the back of Resident #8’s neck and continued to hit Resident #8.
-Resident #8 had something in her right hand, and Resident #9 was yelling at Resident #8 saying “give it back.”
-Resident #8 yelled “let go, let go, let go…..”
-Resident #8 fell on the bed and Resident #9 fell on bed beside her and continued to hit Resident #8.
-Resident #8 was still yelling “let go, help me, help me, let go……”
-One staff told Resident #8 “stop screaming, [curse word]”
-Staff continued to video record the incident and did not intervene, but allowed Resident #9 to continue hitting Resident #8.
-One staff was heard saying “take it out of her hand.”
-Someone (unable to see staff face) took the item out of Resident #8’s hand.
-The staff continued to allow the residents to fight and did not intervene.
-Resident #9 used her right hand and started to strangle Resident #8.
-No staff intervened, but allowed Resident #9 to continue using her right hand to strangle Resident #8.
-One of the staff was heard telling Resident #9 to “punch her in the face.”
-Another staff asked; “Are you recording?” “You gonna send it to send me?”
-From the video all three staff could be heard talking, laughing and commenting as Resident #9 and Resident #8 were fighting.
-Resident #8 was trying to push Resident #9 off of her.
-This altercation continued with no staff intervention to stop the residents from fighting.
-Resident #8 attempted to bite Resident #9’s arm.
-The voice of one staff was heard in the background commenting “you making her turn red.”
-The staff still did not intervene to stop the physical altercation, but continued to allow the residents to fight.
-One of the staff was heard yelling for the Medication Aide/Supervisor (MA) to come to the room.
-The staff allowed the residents to continue hitting each other.
-Resident #9 yelled at Resident #8 “why are you doing this.”
-Resident #8 struggled to get off the bed and away from Resident #9.
-Resident #9 grabbed Resident #8 by her shirt and pulled her back down to the bed.
-A staff (Staff A) was heard again yelling for the MA.
-Staff A yelled to the MA “you moving too slow, you moving too damn slow.”
-Both residents got up off the bed with Resident #9 still motioning with both arms and hands to hit Resident #8.
-Resident #8 attempted to push Resident #9 out of the room, and then attempted to close the door. Staff are heard yelling at Resident #8,”Don’t you push her”.
-The MA came to the door smiling and did not inquire regarding the incident, but pointed her finger at Resident #8 saying, “Stop you better sit down and stop, go to bed.”
-Resident #8 sat on the bed.
-The video ended.”


On October 11, 2019, Winston-Salem police announced that three of the former North Carolina assisted living employees are facing charges of assaulting disabled persons stemming from the June complaints.

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