New York Surgeon Sued For Medical Malpractice For The 12th Time Since 1996

162017_132140396847214_292624_nOn October 22, 2014, a New York medical malpractice lawyer filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against an upstate New York surgeon. The lawsuit was the second medical malpractice case filed against the same surgeon in 2014. There are at least three other New York medical malpractice cases presently pending against the surgeon. All together, the upstate New York surgeon has been the subject of twelve medical malpractice claims since 1996. Despite the surgeon’s medical malpractice history, he has not been the subject of any professional disciplinary actions by New York State.

The surgeon has reportedly made four medical malpractice payments since 2009, placing him within the one-percent of physicians who have made four or more medical malpractice payments. Two of the four payments were above the average medical malpractice payment amount.

The Medical Malpractice Claim History Of The New York Surgeon

Court records from 1996 indicate that the surgeon was involved in a medical malpractice claim that year. Then, in 1997, the surgeon was alleged to have negligently placed surgical clips on the plaintiff’s common bile duct during surgery (the case ended in 2000). In 2004, the surgeon was sued once again for medical malpractice but he evidently won that case, which was appealed. A man who had abdominal surgery performed by the surgeon filed a medical malpractice case against him in 2006, alleging that he suffered a stroke due to septic shock and hypotension. That malpractice case was discontinued in 2009.

A 2007 medical malpractice filing alleged that a man was surgically treated by the surgeon in 2004 for a painful infection after which a surgical seton fell out of his sphincter, which led to infection and incontinence. The surgeon faced a second medical malpractice case against him (and others) in 2007 that alleged a cause of action for wrongful death (that case ended in 2010).

2009 was another bad year for the New York surgeon: two medical malpractice cases were filed against him. One malpractice case alleged that the surgeon misdiagnosed a lump in the plaintiff’s breast (that case was dismissed in September 2010) and the other was ready for trial but was settled in 2011.

A 2010 medical malpractice case that ended in 2013 alleged that the surgeon negligently severed the plaintiff’s bile duct, and negligently attempted to repair the bile duct, that led to the plaintiff suffering a permanent disability.

A 2012 medical malpractice filing against the surgeon alleges that the plaintiff was permanently injured as a result of the surgeon improperly resecting a rectal tumor during laparoscopic surgery. That case is still pending.

The first medical malpractice case filed against the surgeon in 2014 alleges that the plaintiff suffered complications following colon surgery for which the surgeon ordered more medication. When the plaintiff’s condition deteriorated, she was transferred to another hospital where she was in a drug-induced coma for three weeks. This case is still pending.

The October 22, 2014 medical malpractice filing against the surgeon alleges that the surgeon performed laparoscopic surgery that resulted in scarring and disfigurement to the female patient.


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