New Hampshire ER Misdiagnosed Disabled Man’s Neck Fracture – Twice

162017_132140396847214_292624_nThe family of a severely disabled nonverbal New Hampshire man is demanding answers for why their severely disabled relative’s neck fracture was misdiagnosed by a local hospital’s ER, twice, leading to his unnecessary agonizing pain.

The man was no stranger to the New Hampshire hospital – he had received care at the hospital for over 42 years. The man lived at home and was taken care of by his attentive parents.

On October 15, 2015, the man fell out of his bed. His mother called an ambulance to bring him to the hospital because he was unable to sit up. The man was admitted to the hospital where the ER medical staff x-rayed his shoulder and chest and then sent him home in an ambulance with pain medication after diagnosing that there was no fracture.

At home, the man, who cannot communicate verbally, continued to show signs that he remained in much pain and he still could not sit up.

On October 19, 2015, his family returned him to the hospital’s ER, where more x-rays were taken of his shoulder and chest and where the diagnosis remained the same – no sign of fracture in the areas that were x-rayed. The man was again sent home.

One week later, on October 26, 2015, the man continued to appear to be suffering agonizing pain that progressed to the point that he was crying in bed (his family had only seen the man cry twice during his lifetime) which led his mother to call for an ambulance to have her son brought to the hospital ER, for the third time.

During the third visit to the hospital, the man was admitted for observation for three days before his family was told that he would once again be sent home without a diagnosis, but seemingly placing blame on the family for not being able to care for the aging man. Before the man was discharged from the hospital, however, an x-ray technician reviewing the third set of x-rays discovered that the x-rays showed that the man had a fractured neck that had not been previously diagnosed, meaning that the man had been unnecessarily suffering extreme pain due to a fractured neck for 15 days.

Despite the alleged misdiagnosis of the man’s condition, the hospital has not apologized to the man’s family, is allegedly still investigating the matter, and has not yet accepted responsibility for the delay in diagnosing the man’s serious medical condition.

The man is presently being treated in a New Hampshire rehabilitation facility where it will take from two to three months for the man’s bones to heal.


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