April 19, 2011

A new study estimates that adverse medical events in hospitals occur at a rate TEN TIMES GREATER than previously thought and that there are adverse medical events in ONE-THIRD of all hospital admissions. The grossly under-reported adverse medical events in the past are due to the manner in which they had been measured — voluntary reporting and established patient safety indicators. The new study used a rigorous chart-review methodology pioneered by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement to track adverse medical events.

Since the identification and measurement of adverse medical events in hospitals are critical to correctly analyzing  patient safety, the previous estimates may have led to wrong or misleading conclusions affecting the health care system in the U.S. and misdirected efforts to improve patient safety.

Since a recent study estimates that harmful measurable medical errors cost $17.1 billion in 2008, it is imperative that the adverse medical events be properly identified and quantified so that appropriate and timely steps can be developed to reduce the financial drain on our economy.

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