December 8, 2020

A Nevada plastic surgeon with several pending medical malpractice cases against him is being sued by a 23-year-old woman who suffered scarring on 40% of her body due to necrotizing fasciitis that she alleges she acquired during procedures the plastic surgeon performed in his office.

The plastic surgeon had performed breast implant surgery on the woman after which she suffered a “double bubble” (one of the implants slipped). The plastic surgeon recommended that the patient undergo fat liposuction and fat graft to fix the failed breast implant. Instead of performing the procedures in a surgery center, the plastic surgeon performed the procedures in his office.

The woman’s Nevada medical malpractice lawsuit alleges that after the November 26, 2019 in-office procedures, she was in severe pain and was vomiting. She was seen by the plastic surgeon in his office the next day, who provided her with anti nausea medication and IV fluids. Despite such treatment, she continued to vomit while in his office. The plastic surgeon sent her to a local free-standing emergency facility owned by a local hospital.

The emergency facility diagnosed her as septic but allegedly kept her there for approximately nine hours before transferring her to the parent hospital, where no ICU beds were available, despite a closer hospital that was available to treat her serious condition which required immediate and aggressive treatment. The emergency facility, its staff, and the parent hospital are also named in the Nevada medical malpractice case.

The woman was finally transferred to University Medical Center where she spent four months undergoing therapy and many surgeries. She will required many more surgeries in the future to address the scarring and nerve damage that causes her constant pain.

The woman stated: “I have 40% of my body that looks like that as well. And it’s hard because I’m 23. I should be going out, starting my future career and reaching new milestones that all my other friends are capable of meeting, and unfortunately, that’s not the case.”

The woman’s mother stated, “They said that it’s a possibility she wouldn’t make it. And that’s kind of where they were leading us. They told me she would lose all her limbs. I can’t even believe that was considered medical care. It was horrible. You shouldn’t have to beg for help.”

A lawyer for the emergency facility, its staff, and its parent hospital has denied that the woman received negligent care: “We stand behind the treatment provided by our caring staff and extend our sympathy for the patient’s situation and our hope for her full recovery.”


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