May 19, 2012

A physician’s assistant who owns and operates a medical spa in Nevada has been charged by the Nevada Board of Medical Examiners with multiple allegations of committing medical malpractice and violating state law. The recent charges are in addition to a previous formal complaint against the same physician’s assistant that is presenting pending. The second set of charges include allegations that patients were treated for medical problems that they did not have and that patients were given the wrong medications.

The most recent set of charges allege that the care of four patients involved substandard medical care (i.e., medical malpractice). The Nevada Board of Medical Examiners alleged that the physician’s assistant continually failed to use reasonable care, skill or knowledge in treating patients and that she prescribed, administered, and dispensed medications when not needed.

The Nevada Board of Medical Examiners charged that the medical records maintained by the physician’s assistant were “inaccurate, incomplete, incoherent, inconsistent and contradictory,” including some patients’ records that appeared to be identical and copied from one visit to the next. Some of the medical records apparently failed to indicate that a physical examination of the patient was ever done, failed to address the patients’ main complaints, failed to show the basis for diagnoses or for prescriptions or for treatment that were provided, and evidently lacked an appropriate assessment and treatment plan.

Some former employees of the Nevada medical spa allege that the physician’s assistant’s actions put many patients at risk and that the motive was to bill and collect money from the patients’ insurance companies. In one reported instance, a 48-year-old woman’s testosterone level rose to five times higher than normal, allegedly due to the treatment provided by the physician’s assistant.

In responding to the allegations made against her, the physician’s assistant and her lawyer allege that two of the patients mentioned in the Nevada Board of Medical Examiners’ charges are related to former employees of the medical spa and they further allege that there is a connection between one of the former employees and a member of the Board. They vowed to fight the charges.


While we have no specific knowledge of the underlying facts or allegations involved with the charges against the Nevada physician’s assistant, we cannot help but wonder why the medical spa appears to continue to be in operation without appropriate measures or proper supervision to insure the safety of patients after two seperate sets of charges were issued against the owner and operator of the medical spa. If patients’ health and well-being are truly being placed at risk due to alleged continuing medical malpractice and other shortcomings, then why is that situation being allowed to continue?

It may turn out that the physician’s assistant successfully challenges the charges against her, but until such time as the facts and allegations can be fully and thoroughly flushed out, considered, and decided, what additional efforts should (or could) the Nevada Board of Medical Examiners take to insure patient safety, proper treatment , and appropriate care?

How should the safety and health interests of the medical spa’s patients be weighed against the financial, personal, and professional interests of the physician’s assistant? If you were a current patient of the Nevada medical spa, would you want to be fully advised as to the charges against its owner/operator and how would that affect your decision regarding whether you would continue to receive treatments at the medical spa?

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