Multiple Violations Found At New Jersey Nursing Home Where 35 Residents Have Died From COVID-19 Since March

A New Jersey nursing home where 35 residents have died since March has been cited with five violations as a result of an inspection conducted on April 17, 2020. The nursing home had until April 20 to correct the violations. The plan of correction reportedly must include an on-site infection prevention specialist, a Chief Nurse Officer, and an administration manager.

The nursing home was one of five inspected in New Jersey on April 17, 2020, with another eleven planned to be inspected on Saturday, April 18 and on Sunday, April 19. There have been 1,655 nursing home deaths at New Jersey nursing homes since the COVID-19 pandemic began, which includes residents whose deaths have been confirmed to be due to COVID-19, residents with pending COVID-19 tests, and those whose respiratory deaths are suspected to be due to COVID-19.


The New Jersey nursing home inspected on April 17 is the same nursing home where on April 13 it was reported that the bodies of 17 residents were found in a holding room in the facility. The owner of the nursing home also co-owns three other nursing homes, which reportedly “have been cited more than two dozen times for health-related deficiencies during inspections in 2019 and 2020.” Source

The most recent routine inspection of the New Jersey nursing home occurred in November 2019 and reportedly resulted in five citations being issued, including a citation for a resident who suffered a hip fracture after a fall that was not diagnosed for eleven days. The inspection reportedly also found that the housekeeping staff failed to properly clean and sanitize at least a dozen patients rooms, that the nursing staff failed to properly document an investigation into an allegation that a resident slapped or punched another resident, and that medication orders were not properly documented. Source

There are approximately 61,000 residents who live in long-term care facilities in New Jersey, with approximately 42,000 who are residents of New Jersey’s nursing homes (skilled nursing facilities) and approximately an additional 19,000 living in 240 assisted living residences located in New Jersey.

New Jersey COVID-19 Statistics

As of April 18, 2020, there were 3,026 new confirmed test results in New Jersey, and the New Jersey total was 81,420. 4,070 New Jersey residents had died from the virus, more than those who died from the seasonal flu in New Jersey over the past three flu seasons combined. New Jersey residents are “100 more times likely to end up in the hospital” from COVID-19 than with the seasonal flu. As of 10:00 p.m. on April 17, 2020, there were 7,718 residents who were reported hospitalized, of whom 2,024 were listed in critical or intensive care, and 1,641 ventilators were in use. Additionally, 90 patients were at one of New Jersey’s field medical stations. For the 24-hour period ending at 10:00 p.m. on April 17, 2020, 814 residents had been discharged from New Jersey hospitals.

The New Jersey Commissioner of Health reported on April 18, 2020 that there were 231 new deaths, with 125 new deaths reported and associated with long-term care facilities. As of the morning of April 18 2020, there were 147,850 COVID-19 tests performed, with 66,734 positive results (45.14% positivity results). “[O]verall in New Jersey 40% of our deaths are related in some way to long-term care.”


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