November 7, 2011

The Mississippi State Board of Medical Licensure is composed of nine members (seven Medical Doctors (MDs) and two Doctors of osteopathy (DOs)) and meets every other month. The Board’s stated mission is to “ensure the protection of the health, safety and welfare of Mississippians through implementation and enforcement of laws involving the licensing and regulation of physicians, podiatrists, physician assistants, radiology assistants and acupuncturists and through the objective enforcement of the Mississippi Medical Practice Act.” Source

The Board took a total of 26 actions involving physicians in 2010, up from 21 in 2009. In 2010, there were 8 loss of license or licensed privilege actions (down from 9 in 2009) and 10 restriction of license or restrictions on licensed privilege actions in 2010 (up from 4 in 2009). There were a total of 20 prejudicial actions against physicians involving 18 physicians (up from 17 total prejudicial actions against 17 physicians in 2009).

The total number of licensed physicians in Mississippi in 2010 was 9,035 (an increase from 8,913 in 2009). Of the 9,035 licensed physicians in Mississippi in 2010, 5,625 were practicing in-state.


As of August 2, 2010, there were a total of 463 osteopathic doctors licensed by Mississippi, including 312 who were practicing in-state. Source

In the Board’s most recent report of actions on October 5, 2011, it appears that the Board served two orders of license probation. The previous Board report of actions was on September 22, 2011, at which time the Board reported one license revocation, four voluntary surrenders of licenses, one agreed order of reprimand, one 6-month suspension of license with terms and conditions, and four restrictions removed. Since January, 2011, the Board’s actions have included six voluntary surrender of licenses, eleven license suspensions, four orders of prohibitions, and other various Board actions. Source

Unlike many other state boards, the Mississippi Board charges a $25.00 “verification fee” (plus a $1.55 “online processing fee”) if you request more detailed information with regard to a particular Board action against a physician.

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