Mexico Medical Malpractice Claim For Child’s Loss of Eyesight Due To Needle Puncture

162017_132140396847214_292624_nAt a Mexico hospital during October 2013, a two-year-old child had a maxillofacial cyst that a medical intern attempted to drain using a syringe. The procedure required that the syringe be guided through the child’s upper right gum in order to drain the cyst. During the procedure, the child evidently moved, causing the syringe to puncture his right eye.

When the child was returned to his mother following the ten-minute procedure, she was not informed about the injury but she did notice that her son’s eye was nearly closed and tearing. It was then that the mother was told that her son had to be seen by an ophthalmologist. The child was admitted to the hospital for ten days during which the cyst was removed and the bleeding in his right eye controlled.

During the follow up appointment with the ophthalmologist one week after the child’s discharge from the hospital, it was found that the child’s right eye had suffered a retinal detachment, which was then surgically treated.

Five months later, a retinal detachment was again diagnosed and surgery was required. However, the surgery to repair the retinal detachment was delayed for two months as a result of the child’s lab results being misplaced. Due to the delay in surgical treatment, the child suffered the permanent loss of sight in his right eye.

The child’s mother filed a complaint with the Human Rights Commission in Mexico, which investigated the mother’s medical malpractice claim and determined that the hospital was responsible for the child’s loss of eyesight (the hospital claimed that the child moved during the procedure to drain his cyst, causing the unintended puncture of his right eye).


In another case of a child losing eyesight in Mexico due to medical negligence that occurred during July 2015, a 14-month-old child suffered harm when a doctor removed her healthy right eye instead of her cancerous left eye, telling the child’s parents that he had found a large cancerous tumor in the child’s right eye at the time of surgery. The ophthalmologist who removed the healthy eye allegedly told the parents that he removed the child’s right eye in order to save her life. Pathology testing on the removed right eye determined that it was free from cancer and that it was healthy. It is of little consolation to the parents that the child has been promised life-long medical care and compensation for the harm she suffered (the child still had a cancerous left eye after the surgery that removed her healthy right eye).


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