Posts Its 1,200th Consecutive Daily Blog Today is the premier free, no obligation website connecting medical malpractice victims in the United States with medical malpractice lawyers in their state. Today, we celebrate our 1,200th consecutive daily blog posting. Each of our 1,200 blog postings was written by a medical malpractice lawyer with over 32 years of litigation experience.

The goal of our blog is to provide timely and useful information regarding medical malpractice issues in the United States, as well as to report on breaking medical information that is relevant and important to our readers’ lives. Blog subjects include detailed reports on recent medical malpractice verdicts throughout the United States, recent appellate court decisions, and changes in medical malpractice laws.

Our blog has continued to increase its readership, due in large part to the timeliness and usefulness of the information provided and the topics discussed, and by the option to search all 1,200 blog postings by word or phrase for information of interest to our readers.

We have been very successful in helping to connect medical malpractice victims in the United States with medical malpractice lawyers in their state. If our experience is any measure of the current state of medical malpractice in the United States, it is apparent that medical negligence continues to harm people and devastate lives, and it is clear that medical malpractice does not differentiate by age, race, sex, economic wealth, or geographic location within the United States (people in rural areas are exposed to the risks and effects of medical malpractice to the same extent as people living in more urban areas).

Our blog also reports on the never-ending, well-financed, vicious assaults on the rights of medical malpractice victims to be fully compensated for their injuries and losses. While medical malpractice victims are a varied and dispersed group, and may have little in common with each other other than the fact that they were negligently injured by a medical provider through no fault of their own, the responsible hospitals, doctors, and other medical providers, along with their liability insurance carriers and their organized lobbying groups, are well-focused and well-organized in their concerted efforts to demonize innocent victims of medical malpractice, who simply seek justice by being fairly and adequately compensated for their serious and life-changing injuries — so-called “tort reformers” are nothing more than a small but politically powerful group seeking special privileges and protections at the financial and emotional expense of those they negligently harmed.

When ordinary, decent people sit idly on the sidelines when their fellow citizens are being harmed by medical malpractice tort reform measures, such as caps (limits) on the amount of compensation that victims can receive as a result of medical malpractice, the tentacles of danger are mercilessly spread throughout our communities, threatening the lives of everyone — the lack of protection for some leads to no protection for all.

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