Medical Mutual Liability Insurance Society Of Maryland

The Medical Mutual Liability Insurance Society of Maryland (“Medical Mutual”) is the largest insurer of Maryland doctors for medical malpractice claims in Maryland. Medical Mutual is a physician-owned liability insurance company that has been insuring Maryland physicians against Maryland medical malpractice claims continuously since 1975.

Medical Mutual issued its 2010 Annual Report that contains its financial disclosures as of December 31, 2010. The “total admitted assets” of Medical Mutual increased from $748,156,814 in 2009 to $760,896,002 in 2010. The “total policyholders’ surplus” increased from $276,625,636 in 2009 to $302,952,803 in 2010 (nearly a 10% increase in value from 2009 to 2010). “Dividends payable to policyholders” increased nearly 25%, from $57,945,936 in 2009 to $71,357,171 in 2010.

“Net underwriting gain” increased from $43,432,814 in 2009 to $46,915,925 in 2010. Medical Mutual enjoyed an increase in net income of about 20%, from $14,874,854 in 2009 to $18,511,065 in 2010.

Medical Mutual is active in Maryland in pushing for medical malpractice “reforms” that limit to less-than-full-value the amounts that innocent victims of medical malpractice may receive, despite a jury’s independent and unbiased determination of the amount that a medical malpractice claimant should receive in compensation. Medical Mutual boasted about its “vigilance’ in its 2010 Annual Report that it was instrumental in supporting tort reformers’ positions in two recent appellate cases that upheld previously enacted tort reforms. As Medical Mutual stated in its 2010 Annual Report, “We fight for your [doctors’] interests on liability issues in the legislature and the judicial system…”

Who Fights For YOUR Rights When Medical Malpractice Affects YOU?

The doctors and their insurance companies spend millions of dollars each year on the federal level and in the states to influence, protect, and further their financial interests at the expense of patients injured by medical malpractice. They implant fear in their patients that they will have no source of medical care because doctors will leave their medical practices due to high medical malpractice insurance premiums and “frivolous” medical malpractice lawsuits that threaten to bankrupt them.

In response, we ask you the following:

1. Have any of your doctors left their medical practices to become plumbers, stockbrokers, or other non-medical workers? Of course not: they have no intention of sacrificing their high incomes.

2. Have any of your doctors told you that they now pay less for medical malpractice insurance due to medical malpractice reforms in your state? Of course not: their medical malpractice insurance companies are enjoying record-high increases in asset values, income earned, and policyholders’ surplus due to “tort reform,” but they are not passing on those savings to their insured doctors.

3. Have any of your doctors discussed with you any medical malpractice claims brought against them or the basis of the claims (other than the occasional doctor who will admit to having been the defendant in a medical malpractice claim that was “baseless”)?

4. Most states that have enacted so-called medical malpractice reforms to limit the amount of the noneconomic damages (such as life-long debilitating pain and suffering, permanent disfigurement, and severe mental anguish) that victims of medical malpractice may receive forbid their juries from being told that limits (caps) on noneconomic damages are in place or the amounts of the limits. Why must this information be kept from juries who are told their verdicts must fully compensate the claimants that they find to have been the victims of medical malpractice committed by the defendants? Why do doctors want this information kept from the juries who will decide their medical malpractice cases?

5. Why should doctors receive special treatment to protect their money and assets (actually, their medical malpractice insurance companies’ increasing income, assets, and profits) when their carelessness (or worse) result in their patients being severely harmed for life? As an example (based on a real-life medical malpractice case), why should an on-call doctor who failed to come to the hospital to examine a patient whose medical condition abruptly and dramatically changed for the worse and could have received proper medical treatment that would have saved her life had the doctor properly done his job be less than fully responsible for his negligent inaction, lack of professionalism in performing his job duties, and selfishness in staying at home watching a movie that he had rented rather than returning to the hospital that was a five-minute drive from his home to treat the patient that needed and relied on his medical care?

6. If doctors who have been found to have performed their professional duties in a careless or negligent manner that caused serious or permanent harm to patients are not held legally responsible to fully compensate their victims, then who will be responsible to pay for their victims’ medical expenses? The answer: the rest of us whose taxes fund Medicare and Medicaid programs that the victims will have to rely on for the payment of their medical malpractice-related medical care.

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