September 21, 2011

Today we celebrate with pride our 200th consecutive daily blog posting. From the overwhelming feedback we have received, we take much satisfaction in our mostly informational and hopefully thoughtful postings relevant to medical malpractice and medical care in the United States.

The current assault on medical malpractice victim rights has been powerful and unrelenting. In recent years, the health care industry and its medical malpractice insurers have repeatedly attacked medical malpractice claims as frivolous, medical malpractice claimants as insincere in their expression of their pain and suffering, and medical malpractice lawyers as greedy charlatans, despite the factual evidence to the contrary that we have discussed in previous blog postings. Doctors blame medical malpractice lawyers for the run-up in their medical malpractice insurance premiums despite the fact that the medical malpractice insurance companies do not return their savings from so-called “tort reform” to their customers (the doctors) and the insurance companies continue to enjoy tremendous profits on the backs of the faultless victims of medical malpractice.

Health care special interest groups and their well-paid lobbyists have plied many state legislatures with misleading and outright false information and statistics (as well as massive campaign contributions) in their bid to directly subvert the personal responsibility of negligent health care providers for the harms they cause and to severely and unfairly limit the right of innocent victims of medical malpractice to be fully compensated for their injuries and financial losses caused solely by the substandard medical care that they received.

Whereas the United States was founded by men and women who cherished above all else personal rights and personal freedom and the concomitant personal responsibility that goes with those ideals, which are embodied in our Constitution and in our laws and taught in our schools, the  war being waged against medical malpractice victims and their families is the antithesis of our long-held and fiercely-protected national beliefs. Few brave souls have been willing to stand up and fight for the preservation of our American ethos that seeks to protect the minority and powerless from the overbearing brunt of the wealthy and powerful.

We intend to continue to be a sounding board and a forum for the truths about medical malpractice claims and medical malpractice claimants. We intend to hold our principles of discussing the truth and fighting for the protection of the underdog (i.e., medical malpractice victims) dear and inviolate. We will continue to speak the truth even when the truth is being subverted by special interests that seek to hijack the discussion of the honest issues regarding medical malpractice. We hope that our blog and our website can be helpful in assisting the victims of medical malpractice.

Our passion is helping those injured as a result of medical malpractice negligence so that justice can be served. Please visit our website to be connected with local medical malpractice lawyers who may be able to investigate your possible medical malpractice claim for you and represent you, if appropriate.

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