June 13, 2022
U.S. Supreme Court Rules Government Must Prove Intent In Criminal Cases Against Physicians Charged With Illegally Prescribing Opioids

A medical malpractice defense lawyer was proud to tell his assembled co-workers back at the office about how he fooled a medical malpractice jury during a recent trial, telling the jury to disregard the evidence that showed that his client’s negligence led to the unnecessary death of the doctor’s patient. As a result, a deserving medical malpractice plaintiff was not compensated for the devastating loss.

During the April 2022 California medical malpractice trial, the defense lawyer told the jury, “I take pride in what I do, and I’ve got to tell you, in the 30 years I have been doing this, I have never seen a more insulting, factually devoid presentation in my entire career … Welcome to America. Welcome to the personal-injury machine, the personal-injury industrial complex.” Source

But back at his office after the jury cleared his gastroenterologist defendant of medical negligence, the defense lawyer bragged to his office staff:

“A guy that was probably negligently killed, but we kind of made it look like other people did it. And we actually had a death certificate that said he died the very way the Plaintiff said he died and we had to say no, you really shouldn’t believe what that death certificate says or the corner from the Orange County coroner’s office who says it says what it says and that it is right. Overcoming those hurdles we managed to sock three lawyers in the face and it was the fastest defense verdict … it was a 12-0 defense verdict in 26 minutes. So here, here, go ahead Esther and ring the bell!”

View and hear the video of the confession of the defense medical malpractice lawyer below.

After his law firm posted the video of his office presentation to its social media (which the law firm subsequently removed), which the lawyer did not know was being recorded, the defense lawyer told the Los Angeles Times that his recorded statements were “intended purely as an internal briefing to our staff, using shorthand phrases which might understandably cause confusion for a lay audience unfamiliar with the case at hand, and the law in general … I have expressed my apologies to my client, opposing counsel, and both the medical and legal communities. However, nothing about my remarks should call into question our very transparent trial strategy or the jury’s verdict in favor of my client.”

The decedent’s eldest daughter said after viewing the video, “I couldn’t believe it. It was infuriating to see that. Ringing bells, as if it wasn’t a life that was taken away. He was admitting to himself that we were right. I feel like the truth came out, even if justice wasn’t served.”


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