Maryland Nursing Homes Suffer Ratings Losses

162017_132140396847214_292624_nTwenty-two Maryland nursing homes lost their five-star ratings when Medicare recently revised its method of determining nursing home ratings nationwide, effective as of February 20, 2015. The federal website known as Nursing Home Compare provides rating information on nursing homes in all U.S. states, based on a rating from one to five stars. A five-star rating is the highest rating that a nursing home can achieve.

There are 228 nursing homes in the State of Maryland. Before the February 20, 2015 change, 81 of those Maryland nursing homes had a five-star rating on the Nursing Home Compare website. After February 20th, only 59 Maryland nursing homes were rated five stars. The change also resulted in the number of Maryland nursing homes with a one-star rating rising from 12 to 27.

The change in the nursing home rating methodology involved taking into account a nursing home’s use of anti-psychotic medications for residents, changes in the calculation of nursing home staffing levels, and changes in evaluating certain quality measures. The changes were made in order to insure a more realistic consideration of real-world nursing home quality care data. The nursing home rating changes resulted in approximately two-thirds of U.S. nursing homes losing one or more stars in their quality rating, and about one-third of the nursing homes suffering losses of one or more stars in their overall ranking.

Despite the recent changes, critics of the federal nursing home ratings continue to stress that much of the data used to determine nursing home ratings are provided by the nursing homes themselves, without independent verification, resulting in many nursing homes being rated higher than they would otherwise be rated if the data used for ratings had been objectively obtained, evaluated, and verified.

Maryland Nursing Homes Ratings: Before And After

Maryland nursing homes that rated five stars fell from 81 to 59.

Maryland nursing homes that rated four stars fell from 54 to 51.

Maryland nursing homes that rated three stars increased from 37 to 45.

Maryland nursing homes that rated one star increased from 12 to 27.


Nursing homes in Maryland and throughout the United States promise residents and their families that they will have a sufficient number of qualified and trained staff to take care of residents’ needs at all times. Residents of nursing homes are some of the most vulnerable people in our communities: most nursing home residents are elderly and must rely on nursing home staff to take care of their daily needs in a timely and proper fashion, and to provide appropriate medical care if and when necessary. They also rely on nursing home staff to keep them safe from falls, from developing bedsores, and from suffering injuries due to nursing home abuse, nursing home neglect, and/or nursing home negligence.

Unfortunately, many nursing home residents who suffer unnecessary harms do not have family members who are able to visit them often enough to make sure that their needs are being met and that their well-being is being properly addressed, including acting as their advocates when they are not receiving necessary care and services at the appropriate times. Many nursing home residents who have suffered, or who are suffering, nursing home abuse, nursing home neglect, and/or nursing home negligence are either unable to communicate their dire situations to those who may be able to assist them or they remain silently tormented by their abusers because they fear further or more severe neglect or abuse if they speak out as to their plight.

If you or a loved one suffered injuries (or worse) due to nursing home abuse, nursing home neglect, and/or nursing home negligence in Maryland or in another U.S. state, you should promptly find a Maryland nursing home claim lawyer, or a nursing home claim lawyer in your state, who may investigate your nursing home claim for you and represent you or your loved one in a nursing home claim, if appropriate.

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