Maryland Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Filed For Teenager’s Required Heart Transplant

162017_132140396847214_292624_nOn May 8, 2015, a Maryland medical malpractice lawsuit was filed in the Circuit Court for Baltimore City on behalf of a now 16-year-old former student athlete who was required to have a heart transplant, and may need further heart transplants in the future, allegedly due to the negligent failure of his treating medical providers to correctly and timely diagnose his heart failure, and their continued orders to administer fluids that led to the destruction of his heart.

The Maryland medical malpractice lawsuit alleges that on August 13, 2013, just days before the teenager’s fifteenth birthday, a radiologist misdiagnosed his pending heart failure and incorrectly diagnosed the teenager as having walking pneumonia. Four days later, an emergency room physician correctly diagnosed the teenager’s heart failure but negligently failed to stop the administration of fluids, which allegedly led to the teenager’s worsening condition.

The following day, the teenager was emergency airlifted to a major regional hospital in Baltimore City, where a hospital physician diagnosed septic shock instead of the correct diagnosis of heart failure resulting from cardiomyopathy, leading to the wrong medical treatment being instituted and the continuation of fluids being given to the teenager. Eleven hours later, there was a stat order to restrict fluids and to administer diuretics to address the teenager’s worsening heart failure but the wrong medical treatment continued, according to the Maryland medical malpractice lawsuit.

Despite an improvement in the teenager’s condition, the allegedly incorrect medical treatment resulted in irreversible heart damage due to the administration of fluids that was inappropriate. The teenager required a heart transplant due to the severity of the permanent damage sustained to his heart, which heart transplant was performed on December 17, 2013. It is alleged that the teenager will require additional heart transplants in the future, according to the Maryland medical malpractice lawsuit.

The plaintiffs’ medical experts allege that the teenager should have been diagnosed from the beginning with heart failure, and proper medical treatment for heart failure should have begun, based on chest x-rays, abnormal lung sounds, and the positive results from a special test for heart failure. Under such circumstances, the standard of care required that fluids be withheld unless and until the diagnosis of heart failure could be ruled out, and that diuretics be given once the diagnosis of heart failure was confirmed, according to the Maryland medical malpractice plaintiffs’ experts.

The Maryland medical malpractice lawsuit was filed by the teenager’s parents on his behalf against two Maryland hospitals, three physicians, a radiologist, and a radiology lab, alleging medical negligence that led to the teenager’s injuries. The lawsuit seeks compensatory damages, including the costs of anticipated future medical care. Before their son’s ordeal, the teenager was a popular and well-liked student athlete who actively participated in baseball, swimming, golf, and wrestling.

Source Brandon Kerrigan, et al. v. University of Maryland Medical System Corporation, et al., Circuit Court for Baltimore City, Case No. 24-C-15-002333.

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