Maryland Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Filed For Birth-Related Injuries Leading To Death

162017_132140396847214_292624_nOn July 27, 2015, a Maryland medical malpractice lawsuit was filed in the Circuit Court for Baltimore City against a Baltimore hospital, alleging that the medical negligence of the hospital’s emergency room staff led to the premature birth of a baby who needed extensive care in a neonatal intensive care unit of another Baltimore hospital, and who died several years later.

The plaintiff now lives in North Carolina but she was a 23-year-old pregnant woman who was in Baltimore on August 2, 2009 when she experienced severe abdominal pain for which she sought treatment at the defendant Baltimore hospital. She was given a pregnancy test in the emergency room, which indicated that she was pregnant. It was determined by sonogram at that time that the plaintiff was 23.5 weeks pregnant.

The Baltimore medical malpractice lawsuit alleges that no physician examined or treated the woman in the emergency room on August 2, 2009, and that she discharged without being given any medication.

The woman’s abdominal pain continued after her discharge from the emergency room and therefore she went to another Baltimore hospital emergency room the following day. The Maryland medical malpractice lawsuit alleges that she was brought to the labor and delivery unit of that hospital, where her premature daughter was born on August 3, 2009. The baby suffered from severe complications of prematurity that required that she be admitted and treated in the hospital’s neonatal intensive care unit for an extended period of time. Tragically, the child died on October 25, 2012.

The woman’s Maryland medical malpractice lawsuit alleges that the medical staff at the defendant hospital were medically negligent in releasing her from the emergency room on August 2, 2009 without proper evaluation and treatment of her abdominal pain. Her medical malpractice lawsuit seeks compensatory damages for the wrongful death of the child as well as other counts of medical negligence.

Source Azellette Williams and Michael A. Colfield, Jr. v. The Union Memorial Hospital, Circuit Court for Baltimore City, Case No. 24-C-15003930.

The birth of a child is supposed to be a joyous occasion when a healthy baby is brought into the world. Mother Nature typically takes care of the natural progression of the pregnancy, followed by an uneventful labor and delivery, in the vast majority of births in the United States. Occasionally, Mother Nature needs the assistance of human medical intervention to make sure that the health, well-being, and safety of both mother and child are ensured. If trained medical personnel fail to take timely and appropriate steps to intervene in the pregnancy or during labor and delivery when necessary, avoidable catastrophic and permanent injuries to the mother and/or to the child may occur.

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