Maryland Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Alleges Post-Op Negligence Led To Leg Amputation

162017_132140396847214_292624_nA Maryland medical malpractice lawsuit was filed against The Johns Hopkins Hospital and others in September 2015, alleging that negligent post-operative care at The Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland led to the plaintiff having to have her right leg amputated below the knee.

The Maryland medical malpractice lawsuit, which was originally filed in the Circuit Court for Baltimore City but was removed to federal court by the defendants, seeks unspecified compensatory damages for the plaintiff’s future medical care, nursing home care, and other related expenses.

The plaintiff had undergone successful cancer surgery at The Johns Hopkins Hospital for spindle cell carcinoma during which an artery in the plaintiff’s right leg was injured, causing scarring that made it difficult for her to walk without pain. As a result, the plaintiff had orthopedic surgery followed by plastic surgery and vascular surgery in May 2012, to place skin grafts over her wound and to insure proper blood supply to her leg.

The woman alleges in her Maryland medical malpractice lawsuit that a physical therapist at The Johns Hopkins Hospital found her right leg to be cold and purple less than two weeks after the surgery, due to a thrombosed arterial graft. The woman’s thrombosis was a serious medical condition requiring emergency surgery that the standard of care required to be performed within two hours after diagnosis, according to the woman’s Maryland medical malpractice lawsuit. However, she did not have surgery for more than five hours.

One week later, the woman again experienced a thrombosed graft in her right leg and again required emergency surgery. This time, she waited for six hours for the surgery to be performed.

After the second emergency surgery, the woman had to endure weeks of various medical procedures to address the compromised blood circulation in her right leg, including having her toes amputated followed by the below-the-knee amputation that was required due to life-threatening hemorrhaging.

After her leg amputation, the plaintiff was fitted with a prosthetic but she continues to experience debilitating pain, according to her Maryland medical malpractice lawsuit.

The plaintiff alleges that The Johns Hopkins Hospital and the other defendants were negligent by their failure to perform proper testing after her successful cancer surgery and her surgery to remove scar tissue that would have timely diagnosed her blood clotting issue during her post-operative recovery, and they failed to timely respond to address the clotting issue, which led to her losing her right leg below the knee.

Source Almutairi, et al. v. The Johns Hopkins Hospital, et al., Case No. 1:15-cv-02864-ELH.

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