February 10, 2022

The Maryland Board of Physicians (Board) reported for Fiscal Year 2020 that 864 new complaints were investigated for physicians, allied health practitioners, and unlicensed individuals.

The three most common grounds for complaints were:

● Disciplinary Ground §14-404(a)(3)(ii) – guilty of unprofessional conduct in the practice of medicine (398 allegations of unprofessional conduct in the practice of medicine).

● Disciplinary Ground §14-404(a)(22) – fails to meet appropriate standards as determined by appropriate peer review of the delivery of quality medical and surgical care performed in an outpatient surgical facility, office, hospital, or any other location in this State (272 allegations of failure to meet the standard of care).

● Disciplinary Ground §14-404(a)(40) – fails to keep adequate medical records as determined by appropriate peer review (82 allegations of failure to keep adequate medical records).

The three most common sources for the 864 complaints received were patients/family (439), criminal history record checks (80), and renewal applications (65).

Two physicians had their medical licenses denied, six physicians had their medical licenses revoked, nine had summary suspensions of their medical licenses and an additional six had their summary suspensions affirmed, twelve physicians had their medical licenses suspended, and sixteen Maryland physicians surrendered their medical licenses.

Fifty Maryland physicians received reprimands with conditions only while twenty-seven additional Maryland physicians received reprimands with probation and conditions.

The Board imposed $326,000 in total fines through disciplinary actions. The Board also imposed $24,875 in administrative fines against Maryland physicians.

There were forty-three total cases referred to peer review (15 resulted in charges being issued).

There were 50 cases forwarded to the Office of the Attorney General (OAG) that were greater than 18 months old.

There were 30,826 Physicians, M.D. and 1,571 Physicians, D.O. in Maryland during Fiscal Year 2020.


The Maryland Board of Physicians is an agency of the State with the authority to license physicians and other health care providers such as physician assistants, radiographers, radiation therapists, radiologist assistants, nuclear medicine technologists, respiratory care practitioners, psychiatrist assistants (renewals only), polysomnographic technologists, athletic trainers, and naturopathic doctors to practice in Maryland, and to discipline licensees who violate the Maryland Medical Practice Act. In addition to establishing qualifications for licensure, the Board is responsible for investigating complaints against licensees and for taking action against the license of those who fail to maintain Maryland’s high standards of medical care delivery or who break the laws governing licensure. Since July 1, 1988, the Maryland Board of Physicians (formerly known as the Maryland State Board of Physician Quality Assurance) has had the sole responsibility for the licensure and discipline of physicians and Allied Health (AH) practitioners under the Maryland Annotated Code, Health Occupations Article, Title 14 and Title 15.


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