September 28, 2019

An Oregon man who was being treated for PTSD by a mental health therapist has filed a mental health malpractice lawsuit against his former therapist and her employer, seeking $2.1 million in damages, for allegedly violating her professional standards by seeking to start a sexual relationship with him.

The man began receiving mental health counseling services from the defendants in August 2017, for PTSD and major depression. He alleges in his Oregon mental health malpractice lawsuit that beginning in September or October 2017, the defendant mental health therapist engaged in inappropriate conduct that breached the standard of care, and that by mid-October 2017, he alleges that he was being groomed for an inappropriate sexual relationship.

The man alleges that the mental health counselor began contacting him outside of the counseling sessions, including texting him regarding music recommendations and a link to a song on YouTube (and later texting him a playlist for iTunes). According to the man’s mental health malpractice lawsuit, the counselor texted him about the music and stated, “This mix is a bit messy … such is life though, right? I hope I managed to at least touch your salivary glands (I’m trying to keep it clean here).”

Two days later, the counselor allegedly texted the man and stated, in part: “I am just like those cob webs you spoke of, glistening and listening, attuned to every vibration outside myself, you are without a speck of doubt the source of my power that I have some how managed to walk this life so far without, until now … It’s in your presence and eyes that I feel the truth, I’m not sure if I have ever spoken to anyone this way, I’m almost certain I haven’t. I do give myself this way to others … I understand the boundaries that have been broken here and the ethical codes that have been compromised.”

After receiving the text message from the defendant mental health therapist, the man advised her that he was cancelling his next appointment and desired to end their mental health counseling relationship. The man alleges that he ultimately agreed to a final meeting with the mental health therapist but cancelled that meeting after receiving increasingly suggestive text messages from her. Nonetheless, the therapist continued to contact him, according to his lawsuit.

The man alleges that he found a new mental health therapist but his mental health symptoms worsened and continued to deteriorate.

The man filed his Oregon mental health malpractice lawsuit on August 30, 2019.


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