September 5, 2011

Labor Day in the United States is a federal holiday that is observed on the first Monday in September. Labor Day celebrates the economic and the social contributions of workers in the United States.

We, at, wish to thank each and every worker in the United States who toils to support his (and her) family financially and to improve his own lot and that of his family, while making positive contributions to the local and national economies. Without everyday workers working every day (when able), we could not turn our attention to attempting to address and resolve our social ills. Without food on the plates of our families, we would not be able to help others who are unable to help themselves.

One of our founding fathers’ most precious principles was the right of each person to freely engage in the work of their choice in order to reach for the bounty of their endeavors. Throughout our history, people from throughout the world have respected and envied our work ideals and freedoms so much that many of them have left their countries of birth and their extended families in order to emigrate to the United States to enjoy our freedoms and the lofty promise that if you work hard, you can achieve your financial goals.

Our Constitution promises that each citizen of the United States will be treated fairly and equally under our laws and in our courts no matter if we are powerless and poor or we are powerful and rich. Our Constitution and laws are supposed to insure that no one can buy favorable treatment under our laws or can buy unfavorable treatment for others.

Because the history of the United States is replete with examples of protecting the rights of the few against the contrary efforts of the many, we at are particularly concerned and disappointed that some few but very powerful citizens (doctors and hospitals) have been able to convince various state legislatures and their citizenry that it is necessary or even desirable to impinge and violate the rights of others to be fully compensated if the negligent care provided by trusted health care providers falls short of the medical care that their medical colleagues agree should have been provided.

Unreasonable and arbitrary restrictions placed on the rights of injured victims of medical malpractice to seek justice and arbitrary limits (caps) placed on the amount of compensation that can be received by the severely and permanently injured mean that negligent health care providers are financially rewarded by being responsible for less than the full amount of harm they caused while their injured patients are victimized by these laws that subvert personal responsibility for the consequences of bad acts that cause harm.

When our hard-working citizens, whom we acknowledge and honor on Labor Day, are left without recourse to obtain fair treatment under our laws and in our courts and are left without recourse to receive fair compensation from those wrongful health care providers who failed to provide that level of medical care that was required of them under the circumstances, which resulted in serious damage not only to the innocent victims but also their families, then all of our rights have been unjustly attacked and we have unwittingly and passively relinquished our cherished rights and dignity to the whim and desire of the powerful economic interests of the health care lobby.

On this Labor Day, we wish all of our workers a day full of celebration and a lifetime of rewards.

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