Kentucky Physician Medical Malpractice Claims And Disciplinary Actions

Medical doctors (MDs), osteopathic physicians (DOs), physician assistants, surgical assistants, athletic trainers, and acupuncturists in Kentucky are licensed and regulated by the Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure. The Board is responsible not only for licensure but also for disciplinary actions for violations of the Kentucky Medical Practice Act.


The Kentucky Board has fifteen members (ten are MDs, two are DOs, and the remaining three are public members). The Board meets monthly.

In 2010, the Board took a total of 88 actions of which 14 were loss of license or licensed privilege and 15 were restrictions placed on licenses or licensed privilege. That number represents a decline from 126 total actions in 2009. The total number of physicians subject to prejudicial actions in 2010 was 52 (down from 80 in 2009).

In 2010, there were 15,517 physicians licensed by the Board (the number has been increasing each year since at least 2006), which included 9,938 who were practicing in-state. In 2009, there were 15,175 total licensed physicians, of which 10,258 were in-state.


The Board reported that in fiscal year 2011, there were 12 meetings of the Inquiry/Hearing Panels; there were 867 new medical doctor licenses issued; 89 osteopathic doctor licenses issued; and, 455 temporary permits issued. There were 926 physician assistant active licenses, 189 surgical assistant active licenses, and 53 acupuncturist active licenses during fiscal year 2011.

There were a total of 240 grievances received by the Board during fiscal year 2011, of which 178 were referred to an Inquiry/Hearing Panel. The largest sources of grievances were from the public (64%) and from state/federal agencies (14%). The types of grievances with the largest number of complaints involved standard of care (33%) and unprofessional conduct (30%).

A total of 112 cases that were investigated were referred to a Panel. There were 57 investigations pending, 45 medical malpractice cases reviewed, and 54 disciplinary actions authorized during fiscal year 2011. With regard to the disciplinary actions taken during fiscal year 2011, 12 complaints were issued. There were also 10 emergency orders of suspension, 1 order of suspension, 5 orders of revocation, 27 agreed orders, 9 agreed orders of indefinite restriction, 8 agreed orders of surrender, 1 agreed order of probation, 22 agreed orders of fine, 3 agreed orders of retirement, 21 interim agreed orders, 28 orders amended, 15 letters of agreement, 13 letters of admonishment, and 20 letters of concern.


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