Is Dental Disease Associated With Chronic Medical Conditions?

Recent research lends support to the association between periodontal disease and chronic medical conditions such as metabolic syndrome.  The results of recent research suggest that people with severe periodontal disease are likely to have more chronic diseases and are more likely to have metabolic syndrome compared to people who did not have periodontal disease.

Periodontal disease, which is a group of diseases that affect the tissues that support and anchor the teeth and are usually considered as a chronic inflammatory disease, will result in the destruction of the gums, the jaw from which the teeth come out, and the outer layer of the tooth root if left untreated.

Metabolic syndrome involves certain metabolic risk factors that include excessive fat tissue in and around the abdomen (for men, waist 40 inches or greater; for women, waist 35 inches or greater), certain blood fat disorders such as  high triglycerides (fasting triglycerides equal to or greater than 150 mg/dL), low HDL cholesterol (fasting HDL cholesterol lower than 40mg/dL for men or 50 mg/dL for women)  and high LDL cholesterol that may lead to plaque buildups in artery walls, high blood pressure (systolic blood pressure (the upper number) 130 or higher or diastolic blood pressure (the lower number) 85 or higher), and insulin resistance or glucose intolerance (fasting blood sugar 100 mg/dL or greater) . People with metabolic syndrome are at increased risk of coronary heart disease and other diseases related to plaque buildups in artery walls such as stroke and peripheral vascular disease, and type 2 diabetes. Metabolic syndrome is increasing in the United States with more than over 50 million Americans having it.

The association between periodontal disease and metabolic syndrome and other chronic medical conditions may be due to chronic inflammatory processes, shared pathogens (germs), and shared risk factors such as smoking and stress. There is increasing research evidence that periodontal disease plays a role in coronary heart disease and that periodontal disease represents a chronic infection resulting in a chronic inflammatory state. Periodontal disease is considered a complication of diabetes.

It appears that people with severe periodontal disease had 1.4 times as many chronic conditions and were 1.5 times more likely to have metabolic syndrome than people without periodontal disease .

Proper professional dental care at the intervals recommended by your dentist, and proper dental care at home, are critical not only to your dental health but to your general health as well. 

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