January 7, 2011

When medical malpractice makes headlines, it usually focuses on big mistakes: unnecessary surgery, mistaken prescriptions, etc. However, a major source of medical malpractice is simple infections people get while in the hospital. As we report on our Web site, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimated that healthcare-associated infections occur at an annual rate of 1.7 million and contribute to 99,000 deaths each year.

Hospitals can be dangerous places because they are gathering sites for all kinds of diseases. Most patients are more susceptible to these diseases whether it’s because of compromised immune systems or exposed internal tissue from wounds and surgeries. More than half of all hospital infections are urinary tract infections usually associated with catheters or infections at the site of surgical operations.

These point to unclean medical equipment and improper sterilization procedures by hospital staff, both of which are entirely preventable had staff taken the time to properly follow their procedures. If you experienced an infection during a hospital stay, visit our Web site to find an attorney who can advise you.