July 4, 2011

We, in the United States, have celebrated our country’s Independence Day on July 4th of every year since 1776. Independence Day (July 4, 1776) is the day when the U.S. Declaration of Independence from British rule was adopted. Independence Day is celebrated with barbecues, picnics, family reunions, parades, fireworks displays, and with other happy celebrations and events.

Independence Day represents the steadfast and uncompromising belief of our forefathers that every man, woman, and child is entitled to individual freedom and dignity, the right to be free from governmental oppression, and the right to choose one’s own path and dreams. “Independence” means the right to be free from the unnecessary restrictions and influences of government, the right of the minority opinion to be heard, the right of the less powerful to have their grievances judged by their peers, and the right to protection from unjust and unlawful restrictions on the ownership and use of personal property.

“Independence” also demands  that the opinions and beliefs of the most powerful have no more force or entitlement to attention than those of the least powerful. Each person stands with each of his countrymen as an equal – no one is entitled to more rights or less rights because of his social or economic status. Our country is based on the promise that the extent of one’s rights under our laws is not determined by the extent of one’s wealth.

Our Independence in the United States has been under increasing attack in recent years by a minority of our fellow citizens who intend to limit or eliminate altogether the rights of the less powerful to the full enjoyment of their lives and the protection of their property rights. We are being told by a misguided minority that the misdeeds of wrongdoers are entitled to greater protection than the losses of their victims. They are telling us that our greatest protection against the potential abuse of power and the unrestricted resources of government (that is, trial by a jury of one’s peers in criminal and civil matters) is no longer essential to the preservation of our individual rights. We are being told that “We, the People” are no longer capable of using our common experiences and common sense to judge and decide the rights of our fellow citizens in disputes regarding injuries and damages suffered by innocent victims of negligent wrongdoers. 

Wake up America!  Efforts by the powerful health care provider lobby to eviscerate YOUR precious right to have disputes decided by civil juries have taken hold in many states and continues to be a threat on a national level. Jurors are not being told that their decisions will be limited by arbitrary limits on their ability to award monetary damages. Innocent victims who suffer losses and permanent injuries as a result of clearly negligent (substandard) medical treatment are left less than fully compensated for their losses. Families of loved ones left permanently disabled and unable to provide for their families due solely to the careless medical care they received are burdened with their financial losses instead of the responsible wrongdoers.

Why are we allowing our politicians to pass laws that shift the financial burden for losses suffered as a result of substandard medical care from the responsible negligent health care providers to the innocent victims of their wrongdoing and to the states and the federal government who will now need to provide life-long social services and welfare benefits to the less-than-fully compensated injured persons and their families? On this Independence Day, re-assert YOUR rights that our country has promised and provided to us for the last 235 years. Tell your local and federal politicians that they are not authorized to sell OUR rights, OUR future, and OUR dignity to the health care provider lobby at OUR expense!

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