November 5, 2011

Physicians in Illinois are licensed and disciplined by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional  Regulation, State Medical Disciplinary Board (“Board”) that is made up of 18 members, including 10 medical doctors (MDs), 2 osteopathic doctors (ODs), 4 public members, and 2 doctors of chiropractic medicine (DCs). The Licensing Board meets monthly and the Disciplinary Board meets bi-monthly.

There were 46,087  physicians licensed in Illinois in 2010, up from 43,760 in 2009. Of those, 37,250 were practicing in-state during 2010, and 35,852 were practicing in-state during 2009.

The Board took a total of 221 actions against physicians in 2010, down from 241 in 2009. The 2010 Board actions included 106 loss of license or licensed privileges (there were 121 such actions in 2009). There were 34 restriction of licenses or licensed privileges in 2010 (down from 46 in 2009). There were a total of 210 physicians with actions against them in 2010, of which 187 were subject to prejudicial actions (in 2009, there were 222 physicians with actions against them, of which 196 were prejudicial).


The most recent available report from the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (the published “News” for September, 2011, for disciplinary actions taken during August, 2011) reports the permanent revocation of thirteen (13) physician and surgeon licenses for doctors who had been convicted of crimes that required registration under the Sex Offender Registration Act; two medical licenses that were not renewed because the doctors were more than 30 days delinquent in child support payments; an indefinite probation due to default on an Illinois educational loan; an anesthesiologist whose medical license was placed on two years probation due to her failure to evaluate a patient prior to anesthesia and her failure to thoroughly discuss the anesthesia plan with the CRNA; and, a reprimand due to obstetrical care provided to two patients.


It is clear from the September, 2011 News from Illinois that physicians should not be placed on pedestals above the rest of us — if thirteen physicians in Illinois reportedly had their medical and surgeon licenses revoked during the month of August, 2011 because they had been convicted of crimes that required that they register as sex offenders, then it is a wake-up call that physicians are capable of serious or intentional wrongdoing that injure others.

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