Happy Father’s Day!

We know that many of our blog readers are fathers (and that the others have or had fathers). Many fathers have contacted us since we began blogging in December, 2010, regarding possible medical malpractice claims not only on their own behalf but often on behalf of their wives, their children, or their parents. What is clear to us is that fathers continue to be a nurturing and protective presence in all of our lives. They teach us how to act with others and how to be the best person that we can be. They are there when we need them and also when we do not think that we need them. They are our proudest cheerleaders and sometimes our harshest critics, but they always teach us important life lessons that only fathers can provide. When we don’t know which way to turn when we have a problem that seems unsolvable, our fathers often present us with several possible solutions. They are a steady rock when everything else in our lives seem to be in flux. They have our backs even if we sometimes don’t see them in action. They worry about us even when we are not worried about ourselves. They provide us with enough rope to find our own way in the world but they are standing by to throw us a life preserver if life’s lessons become too rough. They are ready to fight our battles with us even when they tell us in private that we are in the wrong.

Many of us don’t fully appreciate all that our fathers have done for us throughout our lives until they are gone. Many times we have failed to tell our fathers how much they have taught us, how much their constant presence, even if in the background,  meant to us, and how much we loved them. Some fathers’ stoic manner can be misinterpreted at times as uncaring or distant but deep down we know they love us, care what we do, and want us to become the best that we can.

For those of us whose fathers are still with us, take the time to tell them how important they have been in our lives and how much we love them, no matter what the past relationship has been. Father’s Day should not be the only day of the year that we let our fathers know how we feel — telling our fathers that we love them, respect them,  and still need them in our lives will be more important to them, and remembered fondly much longer, than any gift or meal shared on Father’s Day.

When it is all said and done, the love and time we share with our fathers over their lifetime (and ours) is one of the most precious and valuable gifts that life can ever provide us.

Wishing every father a happy, healthy, and content Father’s Day and every other day of every year!

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