Georgia Psychiatrist Accused Of Running Pill Mill; 36 Patients Died

162017_132140396847214_292624_nA Georgia psychiatrist who had no record of disciplinary actions or medical malpractice claims against him has been arrested and accused of running a pill mill. It has been reported that 36 of the psychiatrist’s patients have died while they were prescribed drugs by the psychiatrist and that autopsies on 12 of the overdose victims found that they died from prescription drug intoxication.

The county police chief stated after the arrest, “He’s a psychiatrist in Jonesboro who has been overprescribing opiates and benzodiazepine and the last several years has had a multiple of overdoses and overdose death.”

The county police chief further stated, “People come to this person for help, and instead of getting help, they’re met with deadly consequences. If the allegations are true, he is Dr. Death, no doubt about it.”

Dr. Death?

Federal and local authorities executed a search of the psychiatrist’s office and home pursuant to a search warrant on January 14, 2016; the psychiatrist was arrested pursuant to an arrest warrant at his home on the same day. A civil RICO action reportedly has been filed, seeking to seize the psychiatrist’s assets.

The psychiatrist reportedly has been charged with prescribing pain medication that was outside his profession as a psychiatrist and not for a legitimate medical purpose for the patient.


One reviewer on the Google+ page for the Georgia psychiatrist wrote, “This man should be put behind bars for life. My 14 year old son died due his incompetence. I just saw on the news that he has been arrested for 36 deaths. It’s actually 37 deaths. Happened back in 2005. Pleaded with news outlets about my sons death from this monster and got completely ignored. It’s been an extremely hard 11 years. He was my only son. I just hope this monster gets prison for life.”

Another Google+ reviewer wrote four months ago, “I have watched a man go to this Dr. for help with drinking and within a year be so addicted to Adivan and Valium that he has literally lost everything and almost lost his life! This Dr. gives an over abundance amount of medication to his patients!!! Very irresponsible with peoples lives!!”

Prior Warning Sign?

A Google+ review from four years ago stated, “thry give medication to people who doesnt need it.”


It is often the family and close friends of those whose lives are spiraling out of control due to misuse or abuse of prescription medications who first recognize the drug abuse problem but feel helpless to intervene and find help for their loved ones. Those who abuse or misuse prescription medications that have been prescribed to them are often blind to their deteriorating condition because they believe that they do not have a problem because the drugs were prescribed to them by a licensed health care professional. However, whether the drugs that are abused are prescribed for the individual or not, the sad result often is the same: destroyed lives.

If you were harmed as a result of the misuse or abuse of medications that were prescribed for you in Georgia or in another U.S. state, you should promptly find a medical malpractice lawyer in your state who may investigate your medical malpractice claim for you and represent you in a medical malpractice case, if appropriate.

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