Former Colorado Neurologist Sued By Four Patients Alleging Misdiagnosis Of MS

162017_132140396847214_292624_nFour former patients of a former Colorado neurologist have filed federal medical malpractice lawsuits in Colorado against the neurologist, alleging that he misdiagnosed them with having multiple sclerosis (MS) and then negligently treated them for years for MS, which incurable disease they did not have. The latest two Colorado medical malpractice plaintiffs filed their lawsuits in federal court on August 29, 2016; the other two Colorado medical malpractice lawsuits were filed in federal court on August 19, 2016.

The defendant neurologist had voluntarily surrendered his Colorado medical license after he signed a Stipulation And Final Agency Order with the Colorado Medical Board on September 11, 2014. The Colorado Medical Board had alleged that the neurologist had failed to diagnose a patient’s brain lesion on two MRIs, that he had failed to recognize the patient’s subjective complaints as signs of a serious and life-threatening disease caused by the medication that the neurologist had prescribed for the patient, and that he negligently continued the patient on the medication after the patient developed brain lesions and had subjective symptoms of the disease caused by the medication. The neurologist denied the allegations.

The neurologist began treating patients in Colorado in 1996 at eight locations. He stopped practicing medicine in Colorado in September 2013 and did not renew his Colorado medical license when it expired in April 2014. By agreement, the neurologist’s Colorado medical license cannot be reactivated, renewed, reinstated, or a new medical license issued, pursuant to the Order. Source

The neurologist moved to Florida where he reportedly treats MS patients at four locations. A license search regarding the neurologist’s Florida medical license shows that its status is “clear/active” and that there is no disciplinary action on file. Source

The neurologist claims in a statement he recently released to the public that he cannot return to Colorado because he now has an illness that prevents him from living in high-altitude areas. He further stated, “Contrary to the implications in the lawsuits, a physician cannot simply examine the results of an MRI or a spinal tap and arrive at a definitive conclusion early on. It can take more than a year to become confident of an MS diagnosis, and very good doctors can and do reach contrary conclusions. For this reason, I have nearly always advised patients whom I believed to have MS to seek a second opinion.” Source

The former Colorado neurologist is alleged to have falsely diagnosed nearly two dozen patients with MS in Colorado after he referred the patients for MRIs that were performed with MRI equipment that he owned and after he interpreted the MRI results that he allegedly was unqualified to interpret. The doctor who purchased the neurologist’s Colorado practice for $1.3 million reportedly filed a lawsuit against the neurologist in 2015 in Colorado, alleging that a large percentage of the neurologist’s profits were from MRIs and EEG tests that were prescribed by the neurologist but were medically unnecessary. The same physician reportedly determined that about twenty of the neurologist’s patients whom he had diagnosed with MS did not have MS.


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